How To Resolve / Fix Outlook 2007 Not Responding???

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    October 25th, 2017
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Microsoft Outlook is an integral part of our day to day life. We send and receive emails through Outlook and keep our communication going. But there will be a day when your Outlook will cease to work.

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It would be an experience which no one would like to see. As it may put your organization to a virtual halt by ceasing the communication inside as well as outside the organization.

But not to worry, today you will discuss, how to resolve/fix “Outlook 2007 not responding error”

Reasons for Outlook 2007 not responding error

“Outlook is not responding” is not a new issue and many of us face it. And there are various reasons for your Outlook 2007 not responding.

  • Outdated Anti-Virus
  • Your Outlook PST or OST files are corrupted
  • Installation of third-party add-ins in your MS Outlook
  • Missing of latest service pack
  • Improper of Outlook folders
  • Exceeding size of Outlook PST files

As mentioned there are several reasons for your Outlook getting irresponsive. All these issues can be resolved if you just know the do’s and don’ts of your Outlook 2007. Resolving these errors are not that hard.

So let’s see how to fix/resolve Outlook 2007 not responding error

Steps To Resolve MS Outlook 2007 Not Responding Error

How To Resolve Fix Outlook 2007 Not Responding

Latest Service Packs & Anti-virus

As a user, you must have an idea about the problems you are facing and why it’s happening. And the best way to do this is to keep a track of the latest service packs and the latest updates of your anti-virus. Your system should always be loaded with latest service packs and with the latest updates of anti-virus so that these types of issues doesn’t happen in future.

Even if, after updating all the mentioned applications your Outlook is still irresponsive then you may follow the below steps:

Check System Configuration

Checking your system configuration is an integral part and you must check whether your current version of Outlook is supported by your system or not. If not, then you should increase your RAM or Hard disk and try to make it compatible.

Launch Outlook In Safe Mode

Launching Microsoft Outlook in safe mode will help you to understand whether there is any add-ins issue or not as, during safe mode, MS Outlook doesn’t include add-ins and customization files. So let’s now see how to launch Outlook in safe mode.

  • Click on Outlook icon holding down your ‘Ctrl’ key
  • When the Command prompt opens, click on ‘Yes’
  • Click on ‘Yes’ when it asks whether you want to start Outlook in Safe Mode

If this step works fine and Outlook started working properly, it means that there is an issue with your add-ins and/or customization files.

Sometimes these customization files and add-ins make your Outlook slow and in some cases irresponsive. And by disabling these add-ins will surely help you to run Outlook faster and fix outlook 2007 not responding error.

Repairing Office Programs

Microsoft Office programs may create this error lead to irresponsive Microsoft Outlook. And to resolve this, you need to repair your Microsoft Office programs. So let’s how to repair MS Office programs:

  • Open ‘Control Panel’
  • Scroll down and go to ‘MS Office’
  • Right click on ‘MS Office’
  • Click on ‘Repair’
  • And click on ‘Continue’

So here is how to repair Office programs and thus resolving Microsoft Outlook 2007 not responding issue.

Splitting And Compacting PST Files

Sometimes due to huge emails and large files/attachments your PST files becomes too large and Large PST files are prone to various kinds of corruption. So you always need to keep a check on the size of the PST files. In this case, you either have to Split or Compact your PST files to make it small in size.

Repairing PST Files

One of the most common reasons for your MS Outlook 2007 not responding is due to PST file corruption. Due to various reasons and factors the PST files of your MS outlook gets corrupted which leads to irresponsive MS Outlook. To tackle this, we need to repair the PST files which in turn help you to resolve this issue.

To repair PST files for free, you may take the help of ScanPST.exe. It’s a free tool by Microsoft to repair and recover PST files. So let’s learn, how to repair PST files for free:

  • Launch SacnPST.exe
  • Locate and select the corrupt PST files from your system
  • Click on start button to scan
  • And in a few minutes, your PST will get repaired for free.

In case it doesn’t work, you may also download this free PST repair tool. It is a well-designed tool, to repair and recover corrupt PST files.
To repair PST files for free, you may follow the below procedure:

Download Now

  • Launch PST Recovery Software
  • Locate the corrupt PST files and also select the kind of recovery mode you want to go for: Standard, Advanced or Deep
    Repair PST File for freee
  • Wait till the scanning process gets over
    Repair PST File for freee
  • Now select the mailbox and click on the files that you want to save
  • Select the location in your system where you want to save the files
    Repair PST File for free
  • Wait till the saving process gets completed
    Repair PST File for free
  • Within a few seconds, the repairing will get completed.

And this is how you can repair PST files for free.

For more details, you may check their official website too: Outlook PST Repair


As seen, there are various reasons for MS Outlook 2007 not responding or Microsoft Outlook getting unresponsive. Plus there are various techniques too. To resolve this MS outlook error. So hope, now you have a fair idea on how to resolve MS Outlook 2007 not responding error. Know How to Create a New PST File in MS Outlook

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