What are the Causes of Outlook Express Corruption?

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    March 31st, 2014
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    March 3, 2022
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Summary:- Outlook Express is an old version of MS Outlook which is still used by many users and it only supports DBX file format which is inaccessible in any email client. So if you think that Outlook Express Application gets corrupt then you are wrong because it is the DBX file which gets corrupted and due to which the Outlook Express becomes inaccessible. Are you aware of the causes of Outlook Express Corruption?

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If you don’t know the causes then I will share some of them in this blog and once you know the causes and start taking the preventive method then I can assure you that you’ll not face any type of corruption issues.

Different Causes of Outlook Express Corruption

There can be various causes that affect the Outlook Express file to get corrupt or inaccessible, let’s see it below:

  • Compacting files and folders: When you try to compact the size of your large-sized DBX files and folders, the files may become corrupted or damaged. So you should be careful while doing such action and you should take help of an expert if you are not a tech-savvy.
  • Virus infection: Virus attack or infection is one of the most common reasons behind corruption in computer data and files. A virus or bug can enter into Outlook Express through received email messages and can cause corruption in the whole DBX file. You must use an antivirus program that will protect your files from the internet viruses.
  • Large-sized files: Having large sized DBX files in Outlook Express is always risky. It can affect the speed and performance of Outlook Express as well as it can cause corruption if it crosses its maximum size limit. So you should regularly clean your entire mailbox items and take backup in a regular manner.
  • The sudden cancellation of Outlook Express: If you close your running Outlook Express program without logging off, this may be harmful to the DBX files and their contents. You should not close the Window until the Outlook Express user logoff or signout.
  • Power failure: Sudden power failure of your system can definitely affect the data stored in your system hard disk. This might be harmful to the DBX files if Outlook Express is running on your system at that point of time. To prevent the situation of sudden or frequent power failure, you should use a UPS device with your computer system.
  • Weak or poor Internet connection: If the Internet connection becomes weak while sending or receiving emails through Outlook Express, it may start hanging or the files may become corrupted or inaccessible. Make sure your Internet connection is working with good speed.

Now, you know the Causes of Outlook Express Corruption but you can prevent the issues by implementing some easy techniques.

How to Prevent Outlook Express From Corruption?

  • Don’t compress too many large DBX files into one file.
  • Use an effective Antivirus program to avoid virus intrusion.
  • Always split large DBX file because they are prone to corruption.
  • Never close the Outlook Express Application Forcefully.
  • Always keep a UPS or Inverter for power backup to avoid an abrupt shutdown of the system during power failures.
  • Keep a healthy internet service which doesn’t fluctuate every second.

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Now, it is time to wrap up things. I have told you the preventions which can avoid Outlook Express corruption. Learning the causes of Outlook Express corruption isn’t enough, you must know the prevention as well. I hope you liked this article.

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