Convert Thunderbird MBOX file to Outlook PST- Get Best Solution

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    April 4th, 2018
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Summary:-Unlike other email clients, an MBOX or Mailbox is a file format that helps users to store the messages in an organized way. It saves entire messages in a single text file which can identify with the “From” header. MBOX files are used by several web-based email clients which include Thunderbird, Mozilla Mail, Apple Mail, etc. to store their essential data items. However, despite having many advantages, many users still find MS Outlook better than Thunderbird email clients and wish to migrate MBOX files to Outlook PST. So, in this blog, we are going to explain the procedure to convert MBOX files to well-known Outlook PST using the manual as well as the professional MBOX Converter solution.



Reasons to convert MBOX file to PST:

Both Thunderbird and Outlook are the most popular email clients. However, many email clients such as Thunderbird uses MBOX file format, but on the other hand, PST (personal storage table) files are used by MS Outlook only. There are various reasons to convert MBOX file to Outlook PST. A few of them are listed below:

  • In Thunderbird, there are more chances of data loss than in MS Outlook. The reason is, it has a single database to store entire information. Whereas, MS Outlook has a wide range of storage capacity to keep the data more secure. Hence, MBOX-based email clients are less reliable and safe.
  • MS Outlook has many advanced features to manage the user’s essential data as compared to MBOX-based email clients.
  • MS Outlook has a better anti-spam feature than Thunderbird which helps users to protect their essential data from unwanted activities.
  • MS Outlook comes with a password protection feature which is used to encode the emails and their associated data and protect it from any hacking or spamming activities.
  • Upgradation of the email client is another reason to convert MBOX files to PST. Sometimes, organizations upgraded from Thunderbird to PST due to reasons such as a better emailing process or the productivity of the organization.
  • MS Outlook has in-built calendaring features which help users to make any tasks, notes, etc. which are not available in Thunderbird.

Manual Procedure to Convert MBOX File to Outlook PST:

However, there is no direct method to convert MBOX files to Outlook PST except for any professional solution. So, Performing manual processes isn’t an easy task for the users. It is a quite lengthy and complicated task.
To convert the MBOX file to PST, we need to follow three steps:

  • Migrate MBOX file to EML
  • Convert EML file to Windows Live Mail and
  • Export entire email data to Outlook PST from Windows Live Mail.

Let’s explain each steps-in detail:

1. Migrate the MBOX file to EML

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird application.
  • Now, to export MBOX files, go to the location where MBOX emails are saved and proceed to get enlisted.
  • Now opt for emails which you want to export to EML.
  • Here you can right-click on the highlighted emails and choose Select As an option to save entire MBOX files to EML.

2. Convert EML file to Windows Live Mail: To convert the EML file to Windows Live Mail

Need to perform steps given below:

  • Now open Windows Live Mail and create a folder to save converted EML files. And open the folder where all the EML files will be stored.
  • Now opt for the EML file(s) you want to convert to Outlook PST file format from file manager as per your preferences.
  • Finally, to save EML files, just drag the entire EML folders to Windows Live Mail.

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3. Exports entire Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook PST

  • In the Windows Live Mail, navigate to File, and click on Export emails>Email messages.
  • Now in the Windows Live Mail Export wizard, opt for Microsoft Exchange and hit the Next button to proceed.
  • Then, the Export Message dialogue box will appear. And click Ok to choose Outlook profile name.
  • Now, from MS Windows Live Mail, opt for the folder(s) that you want to export to MS Outlook.

Professional Solution to Convert MBOX to PST

You can select manual approaches to perform MBOX to PST conversion tasks only if you are technically sound because it has a lengthy and tricky process. Hence, it is advised to take professional help to convert MBOX file to PST swiftly using the MBOX Exporter tool.

Follow the steps given below to migrate the MBOX file to PST through the professional tool.

  • Launch the MBOX Exporter Tool and Add the MBOX file you are willing to convert.
  • Click on the Next button and choose the Emails from the MBOX file.
  • Then in the Save As option, choose PST file format.
  • Finally, click on the Convert Button and your MBOX File will be converted to PST.

If in case your MBOX file is corrupted then this software will not work. You will have to try the MBOX Converter Software to convert a corrupt MBOX File to PST.


So, you can see that converting an MBOX file to PST through the manual method is time taking whereas you can migrate the same file to PST in just 4 steps with the help of a professional tool. Therefore, now you have to make your choice and choose the best methods fitting your expertise.

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