How to Import Lotus Notes to Thunderbird Flawlessly

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    January 16th, 2017
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Nowadays switching from one email client to other email client is a common situation. Undeniably, with time and increasing technology, lots of email client have been developed for our ease. So, people opt for the one which suits them more. Likewise, there are lots of cases when users switch from Lotus Notes to Thunderbird email client. So, if you are in the need to transfer your Lotus Notes file into Thunderbird and looking for the easy way to import Lotus Notes to Thunderbird mailbox, then let me tell you this is the right blog for you. In this blog, I will discuss the easy way to import NSF to MBOX files.

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Before directly going on the technique of Lotus Notes email conversion, let us discuss the features of both email clients (Lotus Notes and Thunderbird ), needs to convert and the challenges faced during the Lotus Notes to Thunderbird conversion.

Overview of Lotus Notes & Mozilla Thunderbird

Lotus Notes is formally known as IBM Lotus Notes is a software designed to facilitate the set of collective works such as Instant messaging, calendars, to-do lists, contacts management, browsing, team rooms, discussion platforms, schedule meetings etc. It is a client-server platform environment that provides an interface to the user which can work as an email client and mainly preferred because of its strong security features. Lotus Notes creates multiple NSF files to store their database like for mailbox.nsf (for mailboxes), bookmark.nsf(for bookmarks) etc but the most important files are names.nsf(Address book) and usernames.nsf(all data content including contacts) if you want to export them from Lotus Notes to any other mail client like Thunderbird.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, cross-platform mailing interface accessed on Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems and an open source application for managing emails, news feeds(RSS), newsgroups developed by Mozilla foundation. It is a local email client application which is powerful and easy to use.

This Desktop Email Application is one of a kind which provide various features like Emailing , privacy, junk filtration, speed etc and storing the files in the format of *.mbox extension which is supported by email clients like Thunderbird and many other 20+ email clients like Window Mail, Apple Mail, Mac Mail, The Bat etc.

Why do we import Lotus Notes to Thunderbird?

People always need any working environment which is comfortable, satisfying and they keep switching if they feel the new environment is better than before and start adopting the new one. One of the main reasons of importing emails is the new working environment, an advanced features and the most important is the cross-platform accessibility of Thunderbird.

Challenges while importing NSF file to MBOX Format

Various questions came by the Lotus Notes users that how to change .nsf file to .mbox file. Because of some demerit of lotus notes like limited features and total dependability on the note environment. Some of the challenges which faces while importing NSF file to MBOX file are as follows:

  • Unable to open due to two different file format of the both application.
  • There is no manual process to open NSF in MBOX mail.
  • Whether third party software can recover all data items without harming the original mail?

But after reading the below steps, conversion of Lotus Notes to Thunderbird will become a cup of cake. The NSF to MBOX converter is specially built to combat all the changes faced by the users during conversion of Lotus Notes Database files.

How to import Lotus Notes to Thunderbird?

Step 1: Download and Install the SysInfoTools NSF to MBOX Converter software.

SysInfoTools Lotus notes To Thunderbird

Step 2: Launch the software. Convert the NSF files into MBOX format.

SysinfoTools Lotus Notes To ThunderBird

Step 3: After the successful conversion if emails, you need to import the Mbox files into Mozilla Thunderbird. To import, go to the location where you have saved the converted Mbox files.

nsf to mbox

Step 4: Copy and paste the resultant MBOX to the location to the store location of mails.

lotus notes to thunderbird

Step 5: Now Open Your Thunderbird software. You will find your NSF to MBOX converted mail in the left panel of Thunderbird Mail client.

nsf tombox converter

By using mention above methods users can easily import Lotus Notes Emails to MBOX format.

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