How to Import DBX Files into Thunderbird? (DIY)

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    September 26th, 2017
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The process to import DBX files into Thunderbird is quite easy not so difficult or challenging. Although many of the users prefer to choose third-party conversion utility to convert DBX to Thunderbird. Either they don’t know the process or afraid of losing their files due to deletion and corruption. This blog about “how to import DBX files into Thunderbird” will explain you the DIY to import Microsoft Outlook Express email, contact, and other files into Thunderbird with some easy steps.

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Microsoft Outlook Express is one of the broadly used email clients application among Windows users. But, due to the reason of not meeting the certain requirement of users Outlook Express are being replaced with Windows Mail. However, most of the users don’t find Windows Mail as useful as Outlook Express. On the other hand, Mozilla Thunderbird is pretty much popular email client among users. It is an open-source application that provides all services offered by any other email application. Mozilla Thunderbird has an important feature that does it without any pain.

If you were happy with Microsoft Outlook Express in the past but now are even more happy with Mozilla Thunderbird. Then you probably have a hurdle to take: to convert your Outlook Express DBX mail to Thunderbird. The conversion from DBX to Thunderbird is useful if you are switching from Outlook Express to Thunderbird or want to access DBX  emails into Thunderbird format. Fortunately, getting it into Thunderbird for, again, even happier consumption, storing and handling, is easy.

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The solution to Import DBX files into Thunderbird

It is not difficult to transfer Outlook Express Messages to Thunderbird because Thunderbird provides the import feature that can transfer Outlook Express DBX mails. In order to import Outlook Express data manually, there are two possible cases. If you are a new user of Thunderbird, follow the import wizard to Import DBX files into Thunderbird. And if you are not the new user then you just have to use ImportExportTools to process the transfer of Outlook Express to Thunderbird.

Import method for New Users

So, after downloading and installing of Thunderbird application, follow the steps given below to import DBX data into Thunderbird:

Step 1  Once you open Mozilla Thunderbird application on the system, Import wizard will pop-up.

Step 2 On the popped-up Import, choose Outlook Express radio button and click >> Next to continue.

DBX to Thunderbird1-1

Step 3 After this process, all your Outlook Express emails, account settings, and contacts will be imported to Thunderbird application.

dbx to thunderbird1-2

Step 4 Click on Finish button to exit the Import Wizard after the process completes.

dbx to thunderbird1-3

Step 5 Restart Thunderbird and check all your emails, contacts, etc., has been imported successfully or go to Tools >> Account Settings and check or browse your mails location.

dbx to thunderbird1-4

Import Method for already Thunderbird User

In case if you already a user of Thunderbird, to import Outlook Express DBX files into Thunderbird, follow the steps given below:

Step 1 On Thunderbird,  navigate to Tools >> Import

dbx to thunderbird2-1

Step 2 To import Outlook Express mails to Thunderbird, choose Mail folder radio button.

dbx to thunderbird2-2

Step 3 Choose Outlook Express option and click on Next.

dbx to thunderbird2-3

Step 4 All mail folders are now imported successfully to Thunderbird without any limitation.

Note: To import Outlook Express Address Book to Thunderbird, you have to follow the same steps but just select Address Book Option from Step 2 in place of mails. As a result, all the Outlook Express Address Book will be imported into Thunderbird.

Demerit for Manual Procedure

Thunderbird’s import feature is really good but at some situations, the manual to import DBX files into Thunderbird fails.  All these points are discussed below:

  1. Manual Method is complex to perform and quite Lengthy to process in case of large number of DBX files.
  2. You may loss some data during migration(in some situation).
  3. To export all data items including i.e. contacts, mails and account setting, the manual needs to be performed separately for each of it, which is really time-consuming. You cannot import all them in one.

Alternative Solution

To overcome the limitations which is/might encounter while using manual way, you can go with an alternative solution i.e. convert DBX to Thunderbird format. The format conversion can easily be done by use of the third party tool, that also follow the two process. For this first you have convert your Outlook Express DBX to Outlook; using SysInfo DBX to PST Converter, then convert this PST files into MBOX format. MBOX is a file format that is supported by not only Thunderbird but also Apple Mail, The Bat Mail, Entourage, Netscape, Opera Mail, etc. Therefore, after knowing the requirement of you; users, I have discussed both manual and alternative approach to transfer Outlook Express emails to Thunderbird.

Thank you for your read, I hope this was helpful for you.

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