How to Open MDB File Without MS Access?

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    November 16th, 2020
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    February 21, 2022
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Summary:- Oops! So you have got an MDB file but you cannot access it as you don’t have the Microsoft Access on your machine platform. So now how to open MDB file? Such a scenario can leave you with dismay on your face. Don’t worry as we are going to share with you some easy ways and an instant quick fix to open MDB file without MS Access. But to know about the solutions, you need to stick on with this blog.

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What is MDB File Extension?

.MDB is a Microsoft Access Database File. It is a default extension for MS Access Files for 2003 and older versions. The current version of MS Access software uses the ACCDB format.

A single MDB file contains database queries and tables. It can also store the links to and store data from other files, like XML and HTML. Not only that, but it also can contain links to applications, like Excel and SharePoint.

With such features, no wonder all users get to store their information on the MDB files. 

Let us get to know some free methods to open MDB files without Access, as you read on.

How to Open MDB file without MS Access with DIY Free Techniques?

There are many cases where you do not have or got the Microsoft Access application to retrieve or regain your MDB file. To get a solution for all such users, we have come up with the following free methods.

The Following Methods can help you reclaim your MDB file(s) without Access.

Method 1 – Open MDB file in Excel

You can use the free platform of MS excel to gain back your MDB file. But, the file may get saved in the form of a spreadsheet.

To use the Excel application for the MDB file, use the following steps:

  1. Firstly, Run your Microsoft Excel application.
  2. The second step is to navigate to the Data tab and under the Get External Data section, click on the Access Database option.
  3. Next, browse your MDB or ACCDB file on the system and click on Open.
  4. You need to select the table and add it for view in the Excel spreadsheet. Press OK.
  5. After that, the desired data will get imported and is visible on the spreadsheet.

Hurrah! The data of the MDB file is now stored in the .XLS or .XLSX format. You can view your MDB file now.

In case, you were not comfortable with this method then read on to the next method.

Method 2 – Open MDB with Notepad

The Simple text editor Notepad can come to your rescue too. While Notepad contains simple text only, so you can view at least something rather than nothing. If your MDB file has only simple text, then the following steps can make Notepad a rescue for the file.

  1. The First thing is you need to right-click on your MDB or ACCDB file.
  2. Next is to select Open with option and then choose Notepad to open it.

Although you will be able to view all files in text format, the output is often messy and not quite readable. 

If you are not satisfied with the results then get to the next method on how to open MDB file without MS.

Method 3 – Take help of Online

The Internet can help you open MDB files with the use of the website: MDB For that, you need a computer and a working net connection. It is a most helpful solution if you are working on a public computer or do not have administrator rights to install the software. To make use of the online MDB opener website do this:

  1. Open the link as – 
  2. After that, browse the MDB file from the system location and click on the Start option. Once you do so, it will give a preview of the MDB data to its users.

The only limitation with this method is that you can only view the file with a size limitation of up to 25MB only.

The file size restriction did not help you, go for the next method.

Method 4 – View MDB File with Libre Office

An open-source office suite, Libre Office application is available free for the users. You can make use of Libre Office to open your MDB file. This application allows users to create, modify, and edit the MDB files. Also, you can use it to sort, modify, search, filter, import, and export MDB files.

But, online free resources may often come with online threats. 

But, we have found a more secure method on how to open MDB files, read about it next.

Method 5 – Read MDB Files with SysInfo MDB Viewer Tool

With the above-mentioned methods, you can see that there are certain limitations. Also, you need to be able to remember the methods that require technical know-how. Some offer plain text for another may offer service with file size limitations. But, what if you can get an instant solution without all these limitations with the MDB Viewer Tool. Get to know about the features of the MDB Viewer which makes it a popular choice among an end-user. 

  1. It helps you to gain access to MDB or ACCDB files.
  2. Easily opens any version of MS Access file.
  3. Helps you view and recover corrupted MDB file.
  4. Readability option for MDB files without help from Access.

Not only these, but you can also use the MDB Viewer Tool for MDB files of any size. 


MDB files are important when you want to store large chunks of information in the form of files. When you do not have Access software then you might think about how to open MDB files without MS Access. We have shared here free methods to reclaim access to MDB files without installing the MS Access. We recommend you use a 100% reliable and secure MDB Viewer Tool and get back your MDB file information. Hope this article has helped you in opening the MDB file without MS Access. Help forward it to all your fellows who are still stuck with the same problem.

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