How to Fix Corrupt DBF File Using DBF File Recovery Software?

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    August 16th, 2013
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A database file is a type of a computer file that can store a very large amount of data and information of an individual or an organization. In a database file, all the data and information are organized into multiple records with fields stored in an array data type. There are several database programs which can be used to create database files, such as dBase, MS Visual FoxPro, Clipper, dBFast, CodeBase, MultiBase, dBXL, and Arago, etc. DBF or .dbf is a simple format to store structured data in a database file. What if, your database record existing in DBF file become inaccessible?. To fix corrupt DBF file and access your inaccessible DBase file read the complete article.

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These days, database files are very popular among computer users due to their wide availability and acceptability. A .dbf file is certainly very crucial for a database user or database administrator. As you know that no computer file is immune to corruption therefore, a .dbf file can also be corrupted due to various reasons.

Common reasons for database corruption

  1. Virus attack: A computer virus is one of the most common reasons for file corruption. It can easily infect any type of computer file and make it corrupted. Like other computer files, a database file is also not safe from virus attacks. It can be infected by any harmful computer virus and become corrupted. To avoid virus infection or attacks, you must use an updated antivirus program and scan your system regularly.
  2. Sudden system shutdown: Another main reason behind file corruption is a sudden system shutdown. If your system gets turned off all of a sudden while you are saving or working on your database file. The file may become corrupted or damaged. A situation like sudden system shut down may also cause harmful effects on your system hard drive and the data stored in it. To avoid a situation like sudden system shutdown, you must use a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) device with your PC. By using a UPS device, problem like sudden power outage can be easily fixed.
  3. Hard drive failure: It means your system hard drive starts malfunctioning due to any particular reason and the stored data and information cannot be accessed anymore. A situation like hard drive failure may also lead to file corruption and the data stored in it may lose forever. To avoid hard drive failure, you must check it regularly for errors and fragmentation.
  4. Abnormal termination of the application: If the database application is terminated abnormally due to any reason while manipulating or editing data in a database file, the file may become inaccessible or corrupted. The reason behind this abnormal termination could be anything like power failure, voltage spikes, internal consistency errors, fatal exception errors, etc. To avoid this situation, you must use a UPS device and you should keep an updated backup of your database.
  5. Outdated or faulty database program: If you are using an outdated version of any database program, you may be at high risk or you may suffer due to this. Sometimes an outdated database program may also cause corruption in database files and if the database program is faulty, then file corruption would certainly be possible. To avoid this situation, make sure that your database program is up to date which will work nicely without any fault.
  6. Software or hardware malfunction: A malfunction can also occur in a computer software program or a hardware device. The software programs like antivirus, screen savers and many others may conflict with database programs like Visual FoxPro and may also cause data corruption. The faulty network devices like cables, network drivers, NICs, hubs, switches, etc. may cause corruption in database files.

These were some common reasons which makes a .dbf file prone to corruption. What are the error from which we could learn the db file has become inaccessble

Some Error Messages:

  • “Table xyz has become corrupted. The table will need to repair before using again.”
  • “File table.dbf does not exist.”
  • “Database file appears corrupt: Page xyz is of the wrong type.”
  • “Access to table disabled due to previous error.”
  • “Invalid database- please validate the database.”
  • “Filename.dbf has become corrupted.”

Fix Corrupt DBF File With Dbase Recovery Software

The software SysInfoTools DBF Recovery will help you recover your corrupt database files. It smartly handles a high level of corruption from corrupt database files which can effectively repair both headers and all the data structure within corrupt .dbf files and recovers all corrupt tables and memo and binary data from them. It can easily identify the corrupt database file (.dbf) of all popular formats.

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Working Process of DBF file Recovery

Step 1: Launch the DBF recovery software. Check-in the box of Load Schema (if you want to load the schema from another DBF file) otherwise don’t.

add the corrupted db file

Step 2: Scanning of the file has been completed now you can view the recovered data in the Preview pane. Now click on Next button.

Preview before DBF recovery

Step 3: Now select your desired file format that you want to save. Select from the options like Save as DBF or Save as MDB and click on Save button

Save db file

Step 4: File saving process is running on your system.

process to fix corrupt DBF file

Step 5: Once the Saving process finishes, click on the OK button and take an exit from the software.


DBF Recovery by SysInfoTools performs seamless recovery your crucial data. The software fix corrupt DBF file from dbase corruption and inaccessible state. It can easily identify the corrupt database file such as dBase III, dBase IV, dBase V, Visual FoxPro, Clipper, dBFast, CodeBase, MultiBase, dBXL, and Arago.

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