How to Remove SD card Reader Error which is Write Protected?

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    August 9th, 2019
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    October 6, 2020
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This technical guide is describing the ways to remove SD card reader error which is write-protected. It might happen that your SD card suddenly won’t let you add new files to it or delete anything. But no worries, these write protection problems on SD cards are easy to fix. So, before moving on to the solution let’s check out the exact reason behind this error.

Causes Behind SD Card Read Write Error

If you have encountered SD card read-write error, then it becomes difficult to access data stored in the SD card. So, here, I have discussed all the possible causes of Sd card reader error.

  • Due to some malicious software or virus intrusion in your device.
  • One of the biggest reasons could be bad sectors on the SD card.
  • Damaged disk structure of SD card can be a reason for this error.
  • You might have terminated the connected devices abruptly and the SD card was still in use.
  • It may happen you did not handle it properly at the time of ejecting it from any device.
  • There is a possibility of file system corruption or it has turned RAW.

Ways to Fix SD Card Read Write Error

Follow the below techniques to fix “a read-write error occurred on your sd card ”. 

Method #1: Check the Physical Components of SD memory card

  • You need to connect your SD card to some other device in order to make sure that there is no compatibility issue.
  • Then, perform a quick check on your memory card reader and device driver in a proper way.
  • Make sure that the USB cable network you are using is good or not.

Method #2: Disable Write-protected Mode in your SD card

  • In order to remove write-protection, simply click on the lock button available in the memory card.
  • Else, take the help of Diskpart command software utility. Just follow the steps given below:

1. Firstly, insert SD card in your computer and open cmd via Run.

2. Then, type Diskpart and click on the Enter button.

3. Now, type List disk to identify the desired disk.

4. After that, if you want to fix disk 1, then type select disk 1.

5. You need to type attribute disk clear read-only and click Enter.

6. Now, you have to eject SD memory card and insert it again to check it is fixed or not.

Method #3: Run CHKDSK Command

If your SD card is not write-protected and all the physical components are working properly, then you need to run CHKDSK on the memory card. This will detect and fix all the errors present in the memory card. But, there might be an issue of data loss while running this inbox repair tool in Windows system.

Method #4: Format the SD card

There is another option available to fix SD card reader error which is write-protected and that is to format the SD card. If you want to use the SD card again, then formatting would be the best option. Doing this will clean all data stored on SD card and it will be like a new memory card. You can use it as a new SD card to store the data. But, before formatting it, you need to make sure it does not contain any important data.

Method #5: Professional Solution

When all the above-mentioned solutions fail to fix SD Card Read Write Error then you can make use of a professional tool. As there are certain limitations of using manual approaches and the major one is of data loss. So, it is suggested that you must use quick recovery tools like Sysinfo SD Card Recovery software. This utility is capable to recover data from corrupt or damaged SD cards. There are multiple recovery modes available for handling different levels of corruption. 


Above, I have provided solutions to fix SD card reader error which is write-protected. In addition, I have also described the reasons for this issue. Hope you must have got the idea to fix this problem. 

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