How To Fix Outlook Express 2GB Limit Problem Manually (Do It Yourself)

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    July 27th, 2017
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    March 8, 2021
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So what is Microsoft Outlook Express 2GB limit problem?

Today we will be discussing all of these:

  • What is DBX 2GB problem / Outlook Express 2GB limit problem?
  • Reasons or cause of this Outlook Express issue
  • & how to solve outlook express 2gb problem?

So let’s start

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What Is Outlook Express 2GB Limit Problem / DBX 2GB Problem

Suppose you are working on your Outlook Express and trying to send an email to one of your client but you cannot send it. And the worst part is that OE is not even showing any error.

Or let’s suppose, you are waiting for an email from your boss and it never arrive. You call him up and you get a reply that he has already sent it. So how come you didn’t receive it?

And the answer to be is that you may be dealing with outlook express maximum mailbox size or commonly known as “ Outlook Express 2gb limit problem


Reasons For DBX 2GB Problem

dbx 2gb problem

Before understanding the reason, you first have to know that every mail folder has a storage limit. And the limit or in other terms Outlook Express maximum mailbox size is 2GB. Be it your Inbox, be it Sent Items or be it Outbox folder every mail folder has its 2GB storage limit. And crossing this storage limit will probably lead you to this issue.

First of all, you must know that each and every mail folder of your Outlook Express has its own file with the extension .dbx.

For Example: “Sent” folder of your Outlook Express will have sent.dbx files for its mail storage and the same goes for others like “Inbox” will have Inbox.dbx.

And when any of your mail folders overrides or exceeds its limit then you will not be able to work with that folder.

Example: If inbox .dbx file overrides its 2GB limit then you are not going to receive any emails. Whereas if the sent .dbx file exceeds its 2GB limit then you will not be able to send any emails.

So this is the major reason for Outlook Express 2gb limit problem.

How To Solve Outlook Express 2GB Problem

So now the question is what is the best Outlook Express 2gb fix or how to solve Outlook Express 2GB problem?

There are four steps to fix Outlook Express DBX 2GB limit problem:

  • Finding the OE store folder
  • Taking a backup of that folder
  • Deleting the oversized files
  • Restoring the files

Step 01: Finding The Outlook Express Store Folder

  1. Launch Outlook Express
  2. Go to “Tools” and click on “Options”
  3. As soon as you click on “Options” a new window will open. Click on “Maintenance”
  4. Under the “Maintenance” tab, click on “Store Folder”
  5. Now copy the entire path mentioned under “Your personal message store is located in the following folder”
  6. Now close down you Outlook Express and open your “My Computer”
  7. Launch “My Computer” and in the address bar paste the copied path of your store folder where your .dbx files are stored.
  8. Here, if you want to work on a specific folder you can create the backup of that folder that you like. Or else, click on the “Up” button and return to its parent folder

Step 02: Back Up Your Data

  1. Now copy Your Outlook Express folder
  2. Without closing the first Window, open a new Explorer Window and paste this file there in a different location.

Step 03: Deleting Over-Sized Emails

  1. Now open the first explorer and double click on the OE folder
  2. Now locate the oversized DBX file and delete it.

Step 04: Restoring Email From Your Backup Files

  1. Now open your OE
    Note: This time when OE will open, it will recreate the deleted folder with an empty folder.
  2. Now click on “File” – “Import” – “Messages”
  3. In “Select program” select “Outlook Express 6” and click “Next”
  4. Now in “Specify location” option select Import mail from an OE6 store directory” and click “Ok”
  5. Here you have to click on “Browse” and locate the backup folder that you created earlier
  6. Now select the folder and click “Ok”
  7. After you have located and selected the backup data, click on “Next”
  8. In this box, you need to select the previously deleted folder and click “Next”
  9. Click on “Finish” after the import process is done

Authors Verdict

Sometimes these techniques can be quite troublesome for novice users and takes quite a long time. Most of the times these manual procedures work as per plan but a couple of times they don’t work as needed. If it doesn’t work as said, you may check out this DBX Recovery Tool.

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This is one of the best recovery software solutions to resolve this kind of errors. Not only this, but it also lets users recover corrupt, impaired and inaccessible DBX or Outlook Express files seamlessly.
You can have a look at this solution too.

I guess, now you have an idea how to fix outlook express 2GB limit problem.

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