Excellent Free Data Recovery Software for Removable Media

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    August 23rd, 2016
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Removable media are excessively used for storing files and system backup safely. Though it has numerous advantages, unfortunately, it’s prone to corruption and other problems which result in data loss. In such a situation, the only way to retrieve your data back from the corrupted/damaged or formatted removable media is data recovery software for removable media, also available for free.

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Do you know what removable media is? What is it used for? Computer users are quite familiar with this term “Removable Media”. Removable media is any storage device that can store computer data, and can be removed from the computer system while it’s running. The best examples for removable media are USB drives, memory cards (Compact Flash card, Secure Digital card, Memory Stick), optical discs (Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs), etc. These removable media can be used as a mass storage device for storing files, documents, music, videos, photos, etc. Also, they can store your system backup as well as system files.

Removable Media is Popular Among Computer Users. Why?

In these days, removable media is quite popular among computer users all around the world. They are excessively used for storing computer data and taking them from one place to another. The primary quality of removable media is that it can be removed from the system at any time. A removable media is handy and small in size so that you can keep it somewhere safe, even inside your pocket. It costs you little but provides you enough space to store your files. Another benefit of removable media is that it can deliver data quickly from one place to another.

The Risk With Removable Media 

Anything related to the computer is prone to severe problems and issues, be it a computer file or any hardware component. If we talk about a removable media, we’ll find that it’s not immune to corruption and to other problems like data loss. There are various reasons which can cause corruption and data loss in removable media devices. Such reasons are Logical failure and physical failure

The logical failure includes: 

Improper Removal of Media: If you remove the removable media from your computer system improperly, this may cause severe damage to it. It may become corrupt or inaccessible, and you may lose your data forever. The best way to safely remove the removable storage media from a system is:

Click Show hidden icons arrow on the right hand side of taskbar. You can see your removable storage media there. Right click it, and click Eject.

Sudden Power Outage: Another common reason is sudden power outage of a system which can lead to corruption and inaccessibility. If your removable media device is inserted to your system and suddenly power goes off, your computer system will be turned off. This will not only harm your internal storage media but also the removable storage device. Don’t forget to use UPS device with your system for power backup.

Virus Attack or Infection: Computer virus can infect the computer system and data stored in it. If your computer system is infected by viruses, they can also enter into your removable media device if you insert it to the system. Viruses may corrupt your files, and also make your removable storage device inaccessible.

The physical failure includes: 

Physical Crash: If your removable storage device is being dropped on the ground, it will surely cause physical damage and you will lose your data. Carry the removable storage device carefully, and keep it inside a case made up of rubber.

Mishandling Media Device: Mishandling a media device can also cause data loss. Avoid such things.

Exposure to Harsh Environment: If a removable media device is exposed to any harsh environment, such as extreme heat or cold, moisture, water, fire, or direct sunlight, etc. for a long time, this will harm your removable media device. Make sure you keep the storage media in a reliable place.

Avail Free Data Recovery Software for Removable Media

When it comes about removable media recovery, professional data recovery software by SysInfoTool is an ideal and the most convenient solution for computer users. It performs an effortless recovery of maximum possible data from corrupted/damaged and formatted removable storage media. This data recovery software for removable media supports Compact Disc (CDs), Digital Versatile Disc (DVDs), Blue Ray Disc, External Hard Drives, USB Pen Drives, USB Flash Drives, SD Cards, SD Memory Cards, Memory Sticks, Solid State Drives (SSDs), etc.

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