Convert Mac Outlook OLM File Emails to PDF

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    February 22nd, 2023
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Summary:- People usually take a backup of their Mac Outlook emails to PDF in order to be prepared for any loss that might occur in future. On the other hand, PDF is a suitable option because it is easily sharable and accessible on any device. Therefore, here you can explore some easy ways to convert OLM to PDF because all Mac Outlook emails are stored in an OLM file. Either you can do one-by-one OLM conversion through the Print option or straight away use the OLM Converter Software for converting OLM files in Bulk. If you have a Mac device then you can download the OLM Converter for Mac.

Two Effective Methods to Save OLM Files to PDF

There are two methods that can help you to convert all emails of the Mac Outlook File to PDF. The first method which is the manual method is suitable only when you have a few emails that have to be converted to PDF. But for bulk OLM to PDF conversion, you will have to use Automated Software. The two methods are:-

  • Convert OLM File Emails to PDF through the Print Option (For a Few OLM Files)
  • Save OLM to PDF using OLM Converter (For Many OLM Files)

Convert OLM File Emails to PDF through the Print Option

If you want to take the backup of OLM file emails to PDF then first you will have to import the OLM file to your Mac Outlook account and use the Print option for each email. You will get a better picture of the process through the steps given below:-

  • Launch MS Outlook on your Mac Device and Import OLM using the Tools Tab.
  • Then click on Import>Outlook for Mac Archive File(.olm)>>import
  • Your OLM file will be imported to your Outlook for Mac Account.
  • Now make right-click on the email that you want to convert to PDF and click on Print. You can even use Command + P to open the Print Wizard.print email
  • Then the Print Wizard will appear where you have to click on PDF at the bottom and choose the Save As PDF option.
    Save as PDF
  • In the end, Define the location, Rename the File, and click on the Save button.Define Location and Save

The email of the OLM file will be converted to PDF. But there is one drawback of this method because it will convert only one OLM email at a time to PDF. So, to convert OLM to PDF in bulk, you will need professional software. The OLM Converter can help you convert OLM files to PDF without Outlook. You can check how the OLM File Converter can be fruitful for bulk OLM conversion and non-technical users.

Save OLM to PDF using OLM Converter

For the bulk conversion of OLM files to PDF, you can make use of the OLM Converter for Mac. This software runs on all Mac versions and is compatible with all types of OLM files created on any version of Outlook for Mac. So, if you are looking for a user-friendly solution then this software would be the best option for you. You can check the easy steps that would save OLM to PDF. Just add the OLM file>Mark OLM File Emails>Choose PDF as Saving format>Convert. In a few steps, your OLM File will be converted to PDF.

Detailed Steps to Convert OLM to PDF with Attachments

  • Launch Sysinfo OLM Converter for Mac.
  • Add Single or Multiple OLM files that have to be converted to PDF.
  • Mark all the OLM File emails and then click on the Next button.
  • Then in the Save As option, choose PDF file format.
  • Then Define the Path and click on the convert button.

All your OLM files will be converted to PDF in bulk. This software is beneficial for your Outlook for Mac users who have multiple OLM files and they want to save them to PDF.

Reasons for Choosing PDF as a Backup File Format

  • PDF format is easily accessible and you can open it on any device.
  • You can also share PDF files easily with your colleagues, employees, etc.
  • It is an easy task to Apply and Remove Passwords from PDF Files.
  • They keep all the data intact and secured.


You have seen how easy it is to convert OLM to PDF and now you can implement the above steps. If you want to save OLM to PDF without Outlook then you will need the OLM Converter software. On the other hand, the manual method is suited only when you have Outlook for Mac Application and a few OLM emails that have to be converted to PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to Convert OLM File to PDF on Mac without Software?

Ans – If you have the Outlook for Mac Application then you will just have Launch Application>Import OLM>Open Email>Press Command + P>Choose Save as PDF>Define Location>Save. In a few simple steps, your OLM file will be converted to PDF on Mac.

Q. Can I Convert Mac Outlook 2016 Files to PDF?

Ans – Yes, you can convert Mac Outlook Files created on any version to PDF with the help of OLM Converter for Mac software.

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