1. Overview

Sysinfo SQL Decryptor is a decrypting software which helps the user to decrypt SQL Server database which is highly encrypted. The user can export the decrypted data files into Live SQL Server and SQL Server Compatible script format. This software decrypts stored procedures, Triggers, functions, and views, and directly exports them in the decrypted form to the SQL Server.

Key Features

  • Decrypts High Encrypted SQL Database.
  • Removes any type of encryption from the SQL Database.
  • SQL Server needs to be installed into the system.
  • Exports SQL Database to the new server and as well to the existing server.
  • Runs on all the versions of SQL Servers.
  • Simple and Fast Graphical User Interface.
  • Multiple Login Modes: Windows authentication mode and SQL Server Authentication Mode.
  • Dual Saving Modes: Export SQL Database to the Server or save it in SQL Compatible Scripts.
  • No Need to have Dedicated Admin Connection.
  • Decrypts multiple files and folders in a single shot.
  • Previews stored procedures, Triggers, functions, and views in the SQL Server.

System Requirement

Minimum 2 GB of RAM.
Minimum 50 MB disk space for the Application.
Sufficient Hard Disk Space to Save Resultant Files.
Supports all the versions of Windows (both 32 and 64 bit).

2. User Interface

Sysinfo SQL Decryptor has a self-explanatory user interface and once you launch the software will appear like this:-

Step 1

2.1 Button

About  About: Use this Button to know the Software Details like Size, Location, & Path.

Back  Back: Use this Button to Go Back to Previous Step.

Browse  Browse: Use this Button to Select the Location for saving the file.

Cancel  Cancel: Use this Button to stop or Cancel the Process.

Close  Close: Use this Button to close the Application.

Help  Help: Use this Button to open the Software Manual.

OK  OK: Use this Button to Confirm the Step and Move Further to the Next Step.

Process  Process: Use this Button to start the decrypting process.

Save  Save: Use this button to Save the Database on the Local Machine or Computer.

3. Software Order

The SQL Decryptor Tool can be bought by making an online payment. Go to the purchase page and place an order. As early as you make a payment and download the full version of the software, an activation key will be sent to you. With this key, the software can be activated.

4. Activate Software

Activate Software

After clicking on the " Get Authentication Code " button, by default a .info file will be saved on your desktop. Mail the created .info file at sales@sysinfotools.com, after getting file the sales department will send you the activation key for the SQL Decryptor within a couple of minutes.

For software related queries contact us at: support@sysinfotools.com

5. Software Working

5.1. How to Connect to the server

  • Launch SQL Decryptor and select the Server Instance from the option given.
    Step 2
  • Now choose the Login Mode either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.
    Step 3
  • If you have chosen Windows authentication then no credentials are required.
  • If you choose SQL Server Authentication then you have to enter the Login I.D. and Password.
    Step 4
  • Now, Select the Database from the Dropdown List and Click on Process.
    Step 5

5.2. Data Preview and Filter Data

  • You can Save the selected files only from the previewed List of Database files.
  • Select the File you want to Decrypt and then Click on Save Button.
    Step 6

5.3. Select Output Option

  • You can either save the Database without encryption or with encryption.
  • Select Without Encryption option to save the data in a decrypted form.
    Step 7
  • Choose With Encryption option to save data in an encrypted form.
    Step 8

5.4. Save Data in SQL Database

  • If you have chosen Save in SQL Server Database option then there are two Login modes:-
  • Choose Windows Authentication option if you have an inbuilt SQL Server in Windows.
  • Select SQL Server Authentication and Enter its Credentials if you have do not have embedded Windows SQL Server.
    Step 9

5.5. Save as SQL Scripts

  • You also have an option to Save Decrypted Database on the Location Machine.
  • Select Save as SQL Scripts option Click on Browse button.
    Step 10
  • Choose the Preferred Location and Click on OK button to Confirm.
    Step 11
  • Once you have saved or imported the Database Click on (X) button and close the Application.
    Step 12

6. Installation

Software Installation Guide

7. Uninstallation

Software Uninstallation Guide

9. Frequently Asked Questions

Does this tool supports the Latest SQL Version?

Yes, SQL Decryptor supports all the major versions of SQL Server and it even compatible with the earlier versions of SQL Server Database.

If I want to export the decrypted database to a new server, would it be possible?
Do I have to enter the SQL Credentials if I am using SQL Server Authentication option?