Today, we will try to understand

  • What is SQL?
  • What is MySQL?
  • Why are both used widely?
  • A little bit of their history.
  • And also a differentiation between SQL Server and MySQL database.

Both SQL Server and MySQL Server Database are both exceptional and widely used server database. These two databases allow users to secure, stores and retrieve all the necessary data, in an organized way.

What is SQL and its History?

In the mid-80's Microsoft developed SQL server which stands for Structured Query Language. It is used for accessing and manipulating databases. Later on, various versions of SQL Server were launched. SQL is divided into several language formats: Queries, Expressions, Predicates, Clauses, statements. Basically, it is a declarative programming language and is based upon tuple relational calculus and relational algebra. SQL Database is proficient in handling structured data where there are relations between various variables/entities of the data. One can also add various functionalities while using it as control-of-flow constructs.

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What is MySQL and its History?

In the mid-90's MySQL was launched by MySQL AB, which was later on owned by Oracle corporation. It usually uses two type storage engines MYISAM and InnoDB. Nowadays, the user uses it in several cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and also many applications & large websites are based on this database. It is available in two different editions: proprietary Enterprise Server and open source MYSQL Community Server and mainly written in C and C++ language. Easily runs on different OS like: Windows, Linux., Unix.

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Comparison Table Between SQL Server and MySQL

It is not an open source. It is an open source.
Ensure security by providing a baseline security analyzer. No such option is available.
Security Tool-Baseline Security Analyzer Security Tool-No such provision
Migrate data from other databases: MySQL, Oracle, etc. Migrate data option is not available
Language and command remain fixed. Can be updated in form of coding
Provides its own data analysis & reporting tools. Third-party provides such options.
MS SQL Server supports T-SQL MySQL supports ANSI SQL 99.
Single storage system. Provides multiple storage forms.
Supports users defined functions. Does not supports user defined functions
Allows users to cancel the query. No provision of cancellation of the query.

SysInfo MS SQL Database Recovery Tool

A complete solution to recover the MDB and NDF files present in MS SQL Server. It is compatible with different versions of SQL and is designed to meet the novice user need. So, that anyone works on MS SQL trouble-free.

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SysInfo MySQL Database Recovery Tool

To meet the requirement of developers, so that they work on MySQL without any interruption. SysInfoTools presents a tool to repair any issue in InnoDB and MyISAM. Efficiently supports database created on Linux and Windows platforms.

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Conclusion: SQL vs MySQL

It completely depends on user requirement, and what kind of customized solution user want from the database. Overall Microsoft SQL Server provides more features, security assurance and also compatible enough to migrate data from other databases as well.

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