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Microsoft PowerPoint is the most favorable application to all the professionals because it helps to give the clear visualization about the thought they want to convey. Basically, these presentations are used in the business meetings, school events and for many other purposes too. Microsoft PowerPoint is saved with two extensions that are ppt and pptx.

You must be thinking, what is the difference between ppt and pptx? Both the extensions vary in terms of many features and facilities. In this blog, we will put some glance over them in a descriptive manner.

What is PPT?

PowerPoint Presentation stores it a presentation or we can say slides as PPT extension, mainly used in the offices and schools for the slide shows. It comprises the all basic features like sound clips, images, and animations.

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What is PPTX?

PPTX is an XML file of a presentation created by Microsoft PowerPoint and other presentation programs. It comprises of images, texts, coral draws, animations, drawn media etc.

Let us now discuss the difference between Data Backup and archive in a tabular format to make the things more clear.

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Comparison Table Between PPT vs PPTX

Still not clear with the extensions! No worries, we give you the tabular format to understand the difference more deeply and clearly.

Introduced in 2003 Introduced in 2007
File renaming is possible Cannot do the renaming
Supported by Microsoft only Open resource
Slide share format XML file
Older version Advanced Version
Limited size Size is no bar
Can be changed into pptx Can't be changed in ppt
Video export not possible Export into video
Keyboard applicable Digital pen do slide change

As time flies, Microsoft add new features to its application which make it more advanced in terms of technologies. Hence, there is no full stop to the new digital advancement with the newer updating. Hope you liked this article and get to know about the major differences between PPT and PPTX.

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