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View & Open SQLite Files with SQLite Database Viewer successfully.

SQLite Viewer software provides an excellent solution to view and read SQLite files. It gives a concise and intuitive interface that allows the users to preview the deleted and corrupted records of the files. Further, it doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge for its use.

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information Windows Compatible

  • Enables users to view and read the SQLite Database files.
  • Option to preview all the data present on the SQLite database files.
  • There is no file size Size limitation to View and Open SQLite Database Files.
  • Allows users to browse the file and view all the SQLite database objects. SQLite file viewer is a powerful tool that enables you to preview all the SQLite file objects like triggers, tables, indexes, etc.
  • Compatible with both UTF-8 (ANSI) and UTF-16 (Unicode).
  • Instant view of the selected DB files information, data stored formats, and Page Sizes.
  • Highly interactive and intuitive GUI that helps you to view and open files easily.
  • To upgrade SQLite File Viewer in Pro, click Here: Upgrade Software.
  • The software runs on all versions The SQLite viewer works on all the versions of Windows like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc. of the Windows operating system.
Steps to View & Read SQLite Database Files

When to Use SysInfo SQLite Reader Tool?

recover files and folders

To Open SQLite Database Files

Sometimes, users search for a solution to open and view SQLite database files data without installing any other apps for free. Use this risk-free SQLite Reader and open and view the added file data instantly.

To Preview Data of Corrupted SQLite File

Due to different vulnerabilities and threats, there is the possibility that SQLite files get corrupted or damaged. You can use the SQLite File Viewer; this software is proficient enough to recover data from the corrupted file and preview it easily.

To View or Access Settings Stored For Applications

If users want to open, read and view the access settings stored in several applications such as Mozilla Firefox and Open Office. Thus, they can easily view or access settings stored for the application; the only requirement is to add an SQLite file and click on the Ok button.

To Preview SQLite Database Objects

SQLite databases are very lightweight. No configuration is required while starting to work on an SQLite Open database in comparison to other databases. But sometimes, users can not find the SQLite objects like triggers, tables, indexes. Thus, use this software and preview it efficiently

Most Prominent Features of SQLite Viewer Tool

Recovers Data from Corrupted SQLite Files

Recovers Data from Corrupted SQLite Files

The SQLite File Viewer software is designed with powerful algorithms that not only allowed users to scan the database files but also recover corrupted data from SQLite database files. So, you do not have to bother whether you have a healthy or corrupt SQLite database file.

Scans Quickly the DB Files

Scans Quickly the DB Files

This SQLite manager is one of the best Windows SQLite viewers online that allows users to scan the database files quickly and fast. Offers to view the details of SQLite database files too. The software enables you to analyze the file information, file version, data stored formats, and page size.

Facility to Search & Preview

Facility to Search & Preview

The SQLite database viewer provides a feature of search and preview option too. With the help of these features, one can search, locate the database files, and open SQLite files. After this, files get viewed easily in the preview panel.

Previews the Recoverable Data

Previews the Recoverable Data

SysInfo SQLite Reader performs deep scanning of corrupted or damaged SQLite database files. The SQLite files Viewer Software previews the complete data such as documents, tables, indexes, views, triggers, and columns. It helps verify the recoverable files with ease.

Supports DB files of All Types

Supports DB files of All Types

The SQLite File Viewer Tool by SysinfoTools recovers data from all types of SQLite database files whether UTF-8 (ANSI) or UTF-16 (Unicode). This SQLite Reader also supports all versions of Windows SQLite viewers,i.e., SQLite2 and SQLite3.

No SQLite Database file Size Limitation

No SQLite Database file Size Limitation

This advanced SQLite File Viewer Tool does not impose any limitation regarding the size of the files to be uploaded. An SQLite database file having both sizes in Gigabyte or a size in Terabyte can easily be scanned by the tool equally.

Offers Intuitive interface

Offers Intuitive interface

This SysInfo SQLite reader offers advanced functionality to open data from logically corrupt or inaccessible SQLite Database files. Further, it is equipped with an interactive and intuitive SQLite GUI so that even naive users can work on this software with ease.

Compatibility With All Windows OS

Compatibility With All Windows OS

The SQLite Viewers is strongly compatible with other versions of Windows SQLite viewers,i.e., SQLite2 and SQLite3. The software is a further advanced variant of the data viewer software and compatible with all Windows OS-based version devices like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP.


Sysinfo SQLite File Viewer specifications, users can follow before use of this software for ease of working:-

 Customization Plan


Requirements & Supported Versions Platinum Class Processor Minimum Memory:
500MB RAM (1GB Recommended)
Disk Space:
Enough space to store the recovered output
10/8.1/8/7, 2008/2012 (32 & 64 bit)
Frequently Asked Question

If Yes! Please disable your antivirus temporarily or allow access from its setting so that the software can carry out its working properly.

It is advised to avoid the source file from any shared drives or networks (NAS, SAN, LAN, and WAN) as it should be on the same working machine.

To let the software work smoothly, you need to turn off the Windows Defender by following steps:

  • Go to settings.
  • Under Update & Security, click on Windows Defender.
  • Click on Update & Security.
  • Turn off Real-Time protection.

Demo and Full Version Comparison

Product Features Free Version Full Version
View & Browse SQLite DB files
Open SQLite files without SQL Server
Preview SQLite DB objects tables, indexes, rules, etc.
Preview corrupt SQLite DB files
Supports all versions of SQLite DB files
Export and Save to MDB/MDF file No
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Price Free $159
Money-Back Guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions

Having any doubts while running the software, check out this FAQ sections, and get your answer immediately.

This SQLite database viewer is supportive of both healthy and corrupt DB files. Follow these steps to view or open SQLite files:

  1. Download and Launch Sysinfo SQLite viewer online as an administrator.
  2. Click on the Open button to select the SQLite files from your system.
  3. Choose the scanning mode and click Ok to start scanning database files.
  4. Now view the files in the preview panel.
  5. If you want, you will also upgrade the software by using the Upgrade button.

Yes, of course, Using this Free SQLite database Viewer, you will view all the versions of SQLite Database Engine files. Some compatible versions of SQLite viewers are SQLite2 and SQLite3.

No. the software does not provide this feature in our free version. To get access to this feature, you’ll have to purchase the full version of the SQLite Viewer.

No. There is not any such type of limitation. You can upload and preview a file of any size to the SQLite database.

Yes, this free Windows SQLite File Viewer Tool supports both healthy and corrupt SQLite database files.

Yes. You can sort and view a particular field in the database by just clicking on the specific one.

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