Fix Microsoft Outlook Error - "Mailbox Size Limit Exceeded"

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How to Solve MS Outlook Error - "Mailbox Size Limit Exceeded"

If you are a frequent MS Outlook user and receive numbers of email messages, you may encounter an unexpected problem, which is apparently about limiting the size of PST files. When the Outlook mailbox exceeds its size limit, you will no longer be able to view its contents or read them. You may encounter error messages when adding new things to the PST file due to exceeded Mailbox size in the data file. Such error is “Mailbox size limit exceeded”. So, don’t panic, just keep your eyes on this guide and get the issue solved in a few minutes.

First start with the main causes for this error in MS Outlook.

Causes of Outlook Oversized OST or PST File Problem:

There can be many conditions that might increase the size of Outlook mailbox outside its acceptable limit.

Those are as given below:

  • Outlook PST file size exceeded the default size.
  • You are running MS Outlook on Exchange server and give the size limit for the mailbox.
  • You are working with an older version of Outlook data file (.ost or.pst).

Now, look at the manual solutions for resolving this Outlook error.

Simple Manual Tricks to Fix “Mailbox size limit exceeded” issue:

Method 1: Deactivate Add-ons:

Outlook add-ins can influence or interrupt the system's usual workings. So to enhance Outlook's efficiency, you must deactivate the add-ons by following the steps below:

  1. Just go to File menu in the Outlook > > Options > > add-Ins.
  2. Visit the Manage option now, and pick COM Add-Ins and press the Go button.
  3. In this stage, you need to uncheck all the recent or non-functional add-ins which are not in your usage.
  4. Finally, press the OK button, it will address the issue of oversized Outlook OST files.

Method 2: Use OST file data Archive to address OST file size limit problem

If you archive data from OST files, the size of the OST file will be reduced, and the space filled on the server will be removed. You can also alter the OST file archive location within your program, too. Conduct the following steps to archive an OST file:

  1. Initially, visit File menu > > Tap on the Cleanup Tools and pick Cleanup Mailbox.
  2. You can see two options:
  3. To move the older things in the mailbox to an archive folder, you can press the AutoArchive button.
  4. Then, press the Option Empty to remove items from the Deleted items folder.

Method 3: Compact the Outlook Data File

Using Outlook's built in utility, you can ever or compact your OST file. Reducing file size can help improve performance on Outlook. Follow the provided steps to compress the OST file.

  1. Remove all the unnecessary items that are not required in the future.
  2. Now, open the folder list view. Visit the navigation pane and make a right click on the folder >> Deleted items>>Empty folder option.
  3. Go to your Outlook and visit the File tab>> Account Settings >>Account Settings option.
  4. Press the Data Files tab and pick OST file to be compressed and press the Settings option.
  5. Hit the Advanced tab and opt for the Outlook Data File Settings option.
  6. In Outlook Data File Settings, hit the Compact Now option.

These manual methods took more time to execute and users get irritated by these methods. So, we have another quick solution as well that will instantly fix the issue as given below:

Remove Duplicate items from Outlook OST:

Use Exchage OST Recovery Software to reduce the OST file size rapidly. This tool has a special feature to remove duplicate emails which removes all extra content from the Outlook mailbox. Hence, it solves the Outlook Oversized OST File Problem easily. This utility has the simplest GUI that any user can use easily without facing any difficulties.

So, by this way, you can fix your Outlook error. Use the appropriate method of your choice and start executing the given measures quickly without wasting any time.


Your mailbox is filled up with lots of unnecessary emails that you never need in future due to which you face “Mailbox size limit exceeded” in Outlook. So, here, this technical guide explains all the methods to fix this issue. Use any of the above methods of your choice and find best results.

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