Causes & Solutions New-mailboxexportrequest is failed

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Causes & Solutions to Fix New-mailboxexportrequest is failed Error

Do you face New-MailboxexportRequest failed issues when converting Exchange mailbox to PST? Then, here you will learn quickest and easiest methods to move out the problem. This article suggests appropriate methods to fix this command issue.

For one reason, Exchange server is considered the most user-friendly mailbox server – it provides built-in commands and utilities that can enable DBAs to accomplish the most complicated tasks with ease and with the aid of a few lines of code. However, such built-in utilities sometimes fail to fulfil their task due to technical or other problems. So, it becomes a necessity to fix such issues quickly.

Introduction: New-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet

The cmdlet is used for exporting or archiving contents of a primary Exchange mailbox to a PST file. This cmdlet is only available with Exchange Server 2016 on-premise, and only in the function of Mailbox Import Export. To use this cmdlet, you need to add to a function group the function of Mailbox Import Export because this role is not assigned to any category by default.

Let's have a look at the common reasons for its occurrence.

Why New-Mailboxexportrequest Failed Problem Occurs?

There are common causes behind the occurrence of these issues as follows:

  • The position parameter for the PST file should be a UNC route when running the cmdlet.
  • For Exchange Trusted Subsystem, the location should be a public network with Read & Write permissions.
  • In addition, Mailbox Import Export permissions should be allocated to the user account performing the actions.
  • MAPI protocol is disabled.
  • Connection issues with Exchange Server.

Now, after seeing the main reasons, let's have a look at methods to fix such issues.

Manual Method to Fix New-Mailboxexportrequest Failed Error:

  1. Check and correct Internet access and Access Exchange problems
  2. Sign in to the Outlook Web App (OWA) to Exchange account and see if you can get to. If it does, export your inbox data manually from the OWA to PST.
  3. Connecting to Outlook is necessary for allowing the MAPI protocol. If the user wishes to export the Exchange user mailbox when online, the user must test the MAPIBlockOutlookNonCachedMode features.
    • Here are the steps to make this happen:
      Check whether or not MAPI mode is allowed by checking the user's mailbox status on the Client Access Server. For this reason, either right-click on the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) user mailbox and test its property or execute the following:
      Get-CASMailbox –Identify user name
  4. You should deactivate the MAPI mode and re-enable it instantly to double-check if it actually works. Deactivate with the following command:
    Set-CASMailbox ID –MAPIBlockOutlookNonCachedMode:$false
  5. Now, by this command activate it:
    Set-CASMailbox ID –MAPIBlockOutlookNonCachedMode:$True
  6. Now run again Export cmdlet:
    New-MailboxExportRequest–Mailbox USERID– FilePath\\SERVERNAME\ SHAREPATH\name.pst

These steps help you in fixing the issue completely. If the problem arises again and again after using the above methods. Then you only have one option left.

Use the EDB Converter utility to fix the issue immediately and quickly without facing any problems. This tool directly converts Exchange EDB files into Outlook PST files in minimum time. You don’t have to put so much effort when using this tool. Even no technical knowledge is needed for migrating EDB files. If you have lost some EDB files and want to get them back then also it works in recovering deleted EDB files.


  • It offers an auto-detection feature.
  • Delete duplicate items based on sender Id, receiver Id and the subject of email items.
  • View recovered objects, and break PST files of large size.
  • Include or remove items of your choice using the Date filter feature.
  • SaveEDF to other formats as well like HTML, TXT, MSG, RTF, EML, PDF, etc.

This guide explains the causes and methods for New-mailboxexportrequest failed issues occurring when moving EDB files into PST format. So, use the above methods for solving the error quickly.

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