Outlook Error 0X8004060C Manual & Automated Methods

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the vital email clients used for sending and receiving emails. It is used in different organizations to curate a lot of email data. Sometimes due to load, Outlook faces corruption issues. This will enforce Outlook improper working and generate other errors like Outlook Error 0X8004060C. Therefore, here you are advised to fix this error immediately to prevent your Outlook from any other mishappening. This write-up will tell you all the appropriate measures to solve it. Going through the whole guide, you will learn a lot.

You may receive any of the below error:

Error Message

What does Error Code 0x8004060c Means and Why it Occurs?

Outlook error generally occurs due to the corruption of Outlook data files OST. Due to a large-sized PST file, it exceeds the storage limit and generates this error. Most of the common reasons are:

  • Internet Connection or network failure issue
  • Connection or Synchronization issues cause the inaccessibility of OST files.
  • Crashing in Exchange server, virus attack.

Now, move ahead to know what manual solutions can be performed to fix it. There are many manual solutions available to fix Outlook Error 0X8004060C.

Manual Methods:

Method 1: Clean up Deleted Items folder:

If you have lots of emails in your Deleted Items folder, then clean it immediately because it takes a lot of space. Do some settings to clean it up.

Steps to Delete Outlook mails manually:

  1. Log in to Outlook first using your login credentials.
  2. Now, visit the Deleted Items folder and make a right-click on it.
  3. After this, select the Empty Folder to clear the contents of the folder.

Steps to Delete Outlook mails automatically:

  1. First, navigate to the File menu and hit on the Options tab.
  2. Now, hit on Advanced.
  3. Then visit the Outlook start and exit section and tick the checkbox adjacent to ‘Empty Deleted Items folders while exiting Outlook’ option that will remove all the emails automatically.
  4. Now, hit on OK, and this will save the changes.

Method 2: Delete the same or duplicate e-mails:

Every email you send to someone, by default, its duplicate emails reside in your Inbox and Sent Items folder. These duplicate or same emails consume a lot of unnecessary space in Outlook. So, it needs to be removed. Follow the below steps to remove same emails:

Steps to Delete the Duplicate emails manually:

  • Log in to Outlook first using your login credentials.
  • Visit Sent Items folder and sort it by the recipient
  • Hit on the header to accomplish the task

Steps to Delete the Duplicate emails automatically:

  • Visit the File Tab first.
  • Now, choose Options >>hit on Save Message section
  • Then move towards the Send Section and untick the ‘Save a copy of forwarded message’ option. This will automatically unsave the duplicate emails.
  • At last, hit on OK. It will save the made changes.
Method 3: Bring Back Single Emails:

You can quickly bring back your emails into multiple file-formats on distinct locations. Also, you can save their attachments to the same path where emails are stored.

To do so, you have to select the email and right-click on it. Then on applying to save as option, choose the file format to save the file. Similarly, in the same folder, save the relevant attachments as well.

Method 4: Make an Outlook Archive:
  • Visit the file tab first and choose the Cleanup Tools.
  • Now, hit on the Archive option. Choose the folder that you want to archive.
  • Then choose the “older than” date option
  • Hit on the browse button to define a particular path and the file name. Press OK.
Drawbacks of Manual Solutions
  • Creates Complexity among the steps.
  • Chances of Data loss may appear.
  • The speed of execution becomes very low when moving to the next steps.
  • Technical Expertise needed to run every step.
  • It takes a lot of time and not provide an effective solution.
Automated Method- PST Repair Software

You can use PST Repair utility to repair the damaged PST files quickly. You can choose it to make your Outlook error-free. This tool recovers damaged PST files and can convert into multiple file formats as well such as PST, MSG, MBOX, DBX, and EML. No need of technical expertise needed to run it.

Steps of PST Repair-
  1. Start and launch the tool first.
  2. Hit on Open and choose the damaged PST file to repair. Also, select the recovery mode in which you want to repair. Press OK then.
  3. select mode
  4. The scanning process will start within a few seconds.
  5. After the scanning process, a preview of all the PST files will appear.
  6. Now, you can choose the format of the recovered file as PST or anything else. Hit on browse option to select the location of the resultant recovered file. Press OK.
  7. Then the saving process will start executing.
  8. Now, after completion of the saving process, hit on OK and exit the tool.
  9. Process Complete

This blog contains all about MS Outlook Error 0X8004060C in detail, various reasons for this error and their possible solution be it manual or automated. By following it, you will make your Outlook free from errors. I hope this guide helps you a lot in solving this particular Outlook error 0X8004060C.

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