How to Solve Calc Error codes 502,504 and 509??

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Perfect Solution to Resolve CALC Error Codes 502, 504, & 509

Summary: In this article I will discuss the ways to Solve Calc Error codes 502,504 and 509.There are many errors that can appear in Apache Open Office. Some times while working with Calc(ODS) files, these errors can occur and disrupt the normal functioning ad easy usability of Calc files.

I have discussed three Calc errors here. These are:

  • Calc error 502
  • Calc error 504
  • Calc error 509

The three error codes have similar error messages, symptoms and solutions.

Error Messages of Calc Error codes 502,504 and 509 are:

Symptoms of Calc error code 502,504 and 509 are:

You can get the following error messages when this error happens.

  • “OpenOffice Error 502/504/509” is displayed.
  • "Error 502/504/509" appears and crashes the active program window.
  • Your PC frequently crashes with Error 502/504/509 when running the same program.
  • Windows runs sluggishly and responds slowly to mouse or keyboard input.
  • Your computer periodically “freezes” for a few seconds at a time.

When can this error occur?

  • While the open office program is running
  • During the installation of program
  • During Windows Shutdown and Startup
  • While installing Windows Operating systems
  • For troubleshooting Calc error 502/504/509, you need to keep a track of when this error happened.

Causes of Calc Error codes 502,504 and 509:

Following are the reasons that can cause this error and each needs to addressed individaully.

  • Due to corruption in OpenOffice Software
  • Because of incomplete installation of OpenOffice Application
  • This error can be caused due to Windows registry from recent open office related software version change i.e. due to installation and uninstallation of software.
  • Another reason can be Malware and Virus attack that can cause corruption in Calc files.
  • Accidental or unintentional deletion of files by other program.

Ways to solve Calc Error codes 502,504 and 509:

1. By conducting the full Virus and malware scan of the system: If the error code 502/504/509 is caused by Virus or malware attack, then you need to address this situation by scanning the system by good antivirus and anti malware.

2. By cleaning the System Junk files: Some times your system can be slowed down due to accumulation of Junk files in the system. So, cleaning up of this temporary files and folder is necessary to solve this error. You can use a hard drive cleanup software for this

3. By Updating PC device drivers: This error is also caused by Corrupt or outdated device drivers in the system. Manually installing and updating the device driver is possible but is a time consuming method. You can also use the driver updater tool to automatically update the PC drivers.

4. By using Windows Systems restore to reverse Recent updates: With the help of this option, you can restore the files and folders to the original format to the version when the system was working fine. This is an easy method which can easily undo the changes made to resolve Calc error code 502/504/509.

5. By Uninsatalling and Reinstalling the OpenOffice Related software: If the error is caused due to problems in related open office program, then you can uninstall nd reinstall it in Windows 7,8,XP,Vista

6. By installing Window updates: Windows are constatnly updated so this may also lead to this error. By updating Windows you can eliminate this error. Just go to the start button>Type ‘update’>Press Enter> Windows update dialogue box will appear> If the new update is available, then install updates.

7. By running Windows System File Checker: This tool is used to scan and restore corruption in Windows system files, which in turn can cause ODS file error code 502. For this, Click on the Start button> Type “command” in the search box> While clicking on ctrl+shift, click enter> A permission dialogue box is opened>Click Yes> Type “sfc/scannow” in the black box and press enter> The System File checker will start scanning for Error 502/504/509 and other problems> follow the screen commands

8. By repairing registry entries related to error 502/504/509: Manually editing the Windows registry to remove invalid Error 502/504/509 keys is a long process and can be performed only by service professionals.This process needs high expertise and high accuracy. So you can use a reliable registry cleaner to do the scanning and repair of files.

9. By performing Clean Installation of windows: This is a lengthy process and is recommended as a last resort. As erasing Windows will erase everything from the hard drive.

10. By replacing the hard drive: This error can be caused due to hard ware problems also. So, in this case you need to replace the whole hard drive.

11. By using professional Open Office Calc Recovery software: To Solve this error, you can easily download the professional tool i.e. the OpenOffice Calc Recovery Software to repair unreadable and corrupted ODS Files.

To Sum Up

These errors can cause your ODS files to not open and render them useless for you. To recover these files, you can perform the above mentioned methods. But, these methods are time taking and need technical expertise to be performed. So, using a Professional Calc Recovery Software is recommended to solve Calc Error codes 502,504 and 509 in Open Office.

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