[Solved] - Microsoft Access Database Error 2542

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Resolve Microsoft Access Database Error 2542 in a Simplest Way!

Microsoft Access is a user-friendly and organized database management system. It is used widely across the globe because of its functionality and user-friendly interface.

Despite of its simple GUI and efficient working, it gets plagued with several errors which hamper the its functioning and user activities. One such error is Access database error 2542. It also makes the data unavailable to the user. Due to this error, users can’t continue their work until it gets fixed. Let’s discuss the reasons behind this error and the solutions to troubleshoot it.

Access Database Error 2542- An Overview

This database error in MS Access appears if there is an issue with file referencing. You should look after the following signs to detect this particular error:

  • The above error message is displayed on the screen while you open Access database application and the computer system crashes.
  • The desktop crashes in a frequent manner with the message “Error 2542” while running the Access program.
  • Windows is running in a sluggish manner.
  • System freezes for a few seconds periodically at some point randomly.

This error message occurs at some other times also such as during Windows start and shutdown, system installation or Windows installation. So, if you take care of these things, you’ll be able to fix the issues.

Common Causes Behind Access Database Error 2542

This Database error in Access occurs mainly due to problems in referencing of file. In addition to this, there are some other reasons that may also contribute to occurrence of error:

  • Access files corruption in Window Registry.
  • Incomplete or incorrect installation of Access application.
  • Virus or malware infection in Windows files.

Depending on the above mentioned reasons, you can try the workarounds to resolve this error.

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Approaches to fix Access Database Error 2542

You can apply the following solutions to troubleshoot this issue.

#1 Run the Windows system file checker

It is an effective tool that can be helpful in scanning and repairing of corruption in the Windows. You can use this utility for fixing the above error by going through the below steps:

1.In the Start button of your system, type in the “Command Box”.

2.Press “Enter” while holding the CTRL-Shift button.

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3.A dialog box asking permission will appear on the screen. Click on “Yes.”

4.Now, in the black box on the screen, enter “sfc/scannow” and press Enter button.

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5.The System File Checker will check the issue of MS Access error 2542.

6.Follow the commands on the screen.

#2 Repair Registry entries linked with Database Error 2542 in Access

We all should well versed with the fact that the registry files hold a very important place in the system. Any small alteration immediately reflects on the system. There are chances that the errors have been occurred due to alteration. So, to fix this error, you can use a registry scanner and cleaner. The registry cleaner gives info of misconfigured files, broken links and other inappropriate actions which can lead to the occurrence of the error 2542.

#3 Run a full Malware Scan of the PC

You can scan your system for detecting the malware issues if you feel the above database error have been occurred out of some virus issues. A malware can cause corruption in your Access database files. So, you need to install an Anti-Malware program to eliminate the malware from your system.

#4 Repair MS Access ACCDB files by using SysInfo Access Recovery tool

If you have tried all above mention methods and none of them are helpful, then your files must be corrupted. In such situation, you should try our expert solution i.e. SysInfoTools MS Access Recovery tool. Using this software, you can get rid of all types of corruption issues in the database files and restore them to the usual working state.


In the blog, the solutions to troubleshoot the MS Access Database error 2542 have been explained along with the possible reasons behind its occurrence. You can go through the manual as well as professional software methods as per your need.

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