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Can’t open Photoshop PSD files due to corruption? Don’t worry this handout will help you to overcome this issue.

We as a human are creative in nature and we often create drawings, catalogs, images, newspapers, editorials etc. For rendering our data, Photoshop becomes our first preference. Photoshop offers a huge variety of features to produce animations and images. It saves the rendered data into PSD format.

A PSD file is a layered image file, which allows the users to work over the layers even after saving the file. Photoshop let the users convert their flat images into .jpg, .tiff, .gif or in other non-proprietary, sharable form. Once the PSD image is converted, the user can’t work with its layers. So it's a good preference to save the PSD file before converting it.

Assume, you are working over the Photoshop; you have spent hours to produce an image, and suddenly your system crashed and all your PSD files are gone or got corrupt to open. What will be the situation for you? Horrified! Huh.
You will definitely look for a solution to recover PSD files back to work.

Is Photoshop File Recovery is Possible?

Fortunately, the answer is yes, it is possible to repair corrupt PSD files back to working condition. The thing which matters is that there should be no data overridden to them. So try to use the computer as less as possible otherwise the probability to get back PSD files become less. There are various ways to recover your corrupt and lost PSD file, we will see them further.

How to recover corrupted PSD file(s)?

To repair your corrupt PSD file, there are two possible ways to repair your corrupt PSD file. One is by repairing them from the previous version, the second one is by using the .temp file and the last one using an automated solution. We will go through each of them:

Repair PSD file from .temp file:

The case that we are facing is, the PSD files turned corrupt due to the abrupt crashing of Photoshop or the Windows computer. To restore the corrupt PSD files, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Photoshop app and click on the File tab.
  2. Click on the Open and change the extension of corrupt PSD file from .psd to .temp.
  3. Now click the Open button and the file will be opened to edit your unsaved work.
  4. After editing your file save it into the .psd format.

Repair PSD from the previous version:

If your Photoshop or Windows computer crashed, and you haven’t saved the PSD files and now they got corrupt or inaccessible, you do need to repair them. To do so,

  1. Navigate to the corrupt photoshop PSD file and right-click on the PSD file. Select “restore previous version”.
  2. Look for the earliest version of the PSD file, select that version and click on the Restore to restore PSD file.
  3. Launch Photoshop and open the restored PSD file. Photoshop will prompt a message saying: “some text layers contain fonts are missing…” click on the OK button.
  4. Check for the layers and lost work, recreate them and save it.

Using Automated Solution:

If none of the mentioned methods are working for you to recover PSD file, an automated tool is the best option to repair corrupt PSD file back to normal position. There is a Free Full Version Photoshop Recovery Software is available online which can do this task just in a fraction of time for you. You can download free full version Photoshop Recovery Software and can perform the recovery without hassle. All you need to do is to download our software and perform four simple steps:

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Step 1:Launch the Photoshop recovery software and click on the add files button and select the corrupt PSD file to repair.

Photoshop recovery software

Step 2:Now provide the destination path to save the recovered PSD file.

destination path

Step 3Click on the Recovery button to start the recovery process.


Step 4:After the completion of the process, the software will prompt a message that the “saving process completed”. Now click on the OK button and Exit.

process complete

Though, Adobe Photoshop is a great software to utilize your creativity and for creating some awesome graphics, but data corruption is the issue which can ruin your hard work. So I’ve tried to give you some amazing hacks to repair corrupt PSD files manually or by downloading full version of SysInfo Photoshop repair tool. Hope it will help you out.

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