How to Partition an External Hard Drive Quickly?

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Do you want to Partition External Hard Drive?
What is the need to that?
Can’t you use without any partition?

Well it is obvious that you need to segment the hard disk space according to your needs. But doing that manually is a difficult task. Sometimes there are chances that the partition can fail and your hard disk might get corrupted.

But still you want to create a partition manually then that too is possible. Once you segment the space of the external drive then it becomes easy for the user to analyse that how much space does he have in spare.

The data and files can be stored according to the preferences in the respective drive. Let’s come straight to the point that how to partition an external hard drive manually.

Just follow these steps in order to resolve your issue:-

  • Connect your Hard Drive to Computer using USB Cable and don’t forget to turn on the Device.
  • Click on Start and type discmgmt.msc and press Enter button.
  • Right Click on External Hard Drive and Click on Delete Volume and Remove Partition.
  • If you have some crucial data then click on Shrink Volume.
  • Windows will automatically select the maximum data then Click on Shrink.
  • Right Click either on Unallocated or Free Space on the Drive and Select New Simple Volume.
  • In Simple Volume Size in MB box enter the needed volume size in megabytes.
  • Enter a small number so that you can allocate remaining space in further partition.
  • If you want to convert Gigabyte into Megabyte then multiply the number by 1024.
  • Once you are done with allocating the space click on Next.
  • Now the Windows will assign an available drive letter.
  • From the File System drop down list either select FAT32 or NTFS and click on Next.
  • Once the partition is done click on Finish.

You can repeat the same steps if you want to do further partition of external hard drives.

I suppose the elaborative steps are enough for you to perform the partition but it is time taking and any mistakes during the process can lead to corruption of the whole hard drive.

Once the drive gets corrupted it is very hard for the user to get the data back from the drive.

But i want to ask one thing that what will you do if one of your partition space gets corrupted during the hard drive partition process. I am quite sure if you try to recover data from corrupted files then there are major chances of data loss.

Don’t panic because the Windows Data Recovery software by SysInfo helps to recover the data from the partition table and fix all the errors. If your drive is inaccessible error after the Partition then this tool can fix that and enables you to open and view file on Hard drive.


I hope by now you must have learned how to partition an external hard drive manually and if by any chance the drive gets damaged then what alternative to choose in order to fix it. Try and apply these steps and the issue for which you are here would be resolved.

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