How to Convert EMLX Files to MBOX Manually?

If you are browsing the different methods to convert EMLX files to MBOX. Then, you came to the correct place as here I will explain the whole topic in detail. So keep reading.

EMLX and MBOX are associated with MAC mail. EMLX is used to store an individual email message in a single file and whereas MBOX is used to store multiple email sizes of any size. The EMLX file is limited for accessing the data in the client. In case, you want to backup your EMLX files then move them into MBOX format.

Apple mail comprises individual mail messages known as EMLX files. These EMLX files have some limitations as it is unable to open on other email clients. Therefore, in order to get the data from those files, you have to convert it into a different file format.

Reason to Import EMLX Files to Thunderbird

There are several causes that influence the conversion of EMLX to MBOX format.

  • If the user wants to approach .emlx files in Mac OS, then you have to transfer to the Apple Mail.
  • If the user wants to approach EMLX files in other email client applications such as Apple Mail.
  • In case, you need a backup to your crucial EMLX files.

As there are various reasons that influence the users to transfer their .emlx files to Apple Mail. Now, we must know the different methods so that we can transfer these EMLX files in the MBOX format with ease.

Methods to Convert EMLX Files to MBOX Manually

Method 1. Transfer your EMLX into PST

  1. First, close your Apple OS X Mail
  2. Then, type in the search bar /Library/Mail/Mailboxes and now, tap on the Enter key
  3. After that, produce new folder with extension .mbox(importemlx.mbox)
  4. Then, built a message folder under the MBOX folder
  5. Then, paste the entire .emlx files in the Message folder
  6. Now, Open the Mac OS X Mail
  7. After that, you will receive the local mailbox of the same name that you have prior built.
  8. Now, there is a higher chance that the folder is empty. In case, visit the Mailbox menu and tap on the option of Rebuilt.
  9. Once the process is completed, then the messages will be displayed in the mailbox

By this method, you can smoothly transform your EMLX to MBOX format.

Limitations of the manual method to import EMLX files to Thunderbird

Some of the drawbacks of the Manual approach are –

  • The manual method is a very lengthy & Time-consuming process
  • The probability of data loss is higher in manual procedures.
  • Always have the chances of corruption or damage to the native EMLX files.

Hence, many users find it difficult to operate this method as it requires technical knowledge. So to get rid of this situation you can use the alternative method to perform the conversion process easier and quicker.

Method 2. Alternative method

You can use the EMLX Converter tool that offers conversion of the EMLX file(s) into other file formats. The software is able to store the messages according to the dates they are built. This software also bears the EMLX files that are built on the Mac OS.This software runs with all the versions of Windows OS


Above, I have discussed different methods to convert EMLX files to MBOX without software. Users are free to use either the manual or alternative methods. From the above article, we came to know that the manual procedure is tedious and a time taking process. Hence, it is advised to the user to prefer the alternative tool that will be easily run by the user without any alteration in the structure of the original file.

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