Gmail and Yahoo Mail

Gmail is a mail service introduced by Google. On the Other hand, Yahoo is an international mail service started by Verizon Media. Gmail and Yahoo both are the email clients popular in a workspace, schools, colleges, etc. The first difference between Yahoo mail and Gmail is that- Gmail is the trending option. Whereas, Yahoo mail got bit discontinued after Gmail appeared. One of the main features of Gmail is that it has the best-secured environment till date. Let's take a look at some properties that tell the difference between Gmail and Yahoo mailbox.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is an email client developed by Google. Gmail services only focus on Sending and receiving emails. To backup your Gmail emails, conatcts and drive download here Gmail Backup software.

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What is Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo is an email service founded by Verizon Media. It includes information like news feed, newly launched products, mail messages, etc. To backup Yahoo emails into various formats then download here Yahoo Backup software.

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Difference Between Gmail and Yahoo Mail

Gmail Yahoo Mail
Can differentiate mails into various categories such as primary mail, spam mail, archive, etc. Cannot differentiate emails with categories keeps all the mails in all mails section.
Less rammed with extra information. Rammed with information like advertisements, emails, news feeds, etc.
Updated a new feature called chatbox- used to send a personal message to recipients. Doesn’t include a Chatbox.
Automatically saves the mail address of recipients who have similar contact details as sender. User can save mail address one by one, according to their need.
Gmail avails email forwarding POP/IMAP option as free service. The POP/IMAP mail forwarding option is only available in Yahoo Plus subscription.

We have discussed various features which clearly states ‘Why Gmail is the most trending mail client than Yahoo?’. Apart from its lacking properties, Yahoo is still in the field because it has gained popularity worldwide. These features clarify the difference between Gmail and Yahoo mail. I hope you will find the blog useful!!

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