[Solved] - Access Yahoo Error Code 19 or 999

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Unable to Access Yahoo Emails - How to Fix Yahoo Error Code 19

Yahoo mail is a webmail client which is mainly used for sending and receiving emails. Its features are not limited to this only because the user can also use it as a search engine, schedule organizer, and chat messenger as well. Keeping the features apart there is one major problem the users usually face is Yahoo Error code 19 and he is unable to access his Yahoo account.

I suppose you are also in the same situation so don’t worry because in this article I am going to tell you the various techniques through which you can fix this error. Before I move further let us know what this error is all about.

Yahoo Error 999 or 19

This error mainly occurs due to some technical failure or some security issues with your Yahoo account. The user is unable to access his account as it is temporarily blocked. Well, this error gets automatically resolved within 30 minutes but too much login attempts can block your Yahoo account permanently. If the error doesn’t resolve within 30 minutes then there is some serious problem with your account.

Reasons for Yahoo Temporary Error Code 19

  • You must be sharing a common internet connection with other users.
  • The browser is not accepting the cookies generated by Yahoo Mail.
  • Virus intrusion or Malware attacks might have disturbed the default settings of Yahoo Mail.
  • You might have used a third party application for accessing Yahoo mail.
  • Sending too many emails simultaneously leads to this error.
  • Too much traffic from the computer system on specific pages of Yahoo causes this error.

Techniques to Fix Yahoo Error Code 19.

There are various techniques through which you can resolve this error. Anyone of them can work so you have to apply all of them and see which technique fix your problem.

Enable Accept Cookies Option

Cookies are the minute information which is stored automatically into your system whenever you access any website so that in future you can quickly access the previously visited pages. If you are unable to access your Yahoo Account then configure your browser to accept cookies.

Enable Mozilla Firefox to Accept Cookies

  • Open Firefox and Click on Menu Button.
  • From the dropdown list Select Options.
  • Click on Privacy and Security Section and scroll down to History.
  • Now, Select Use Custom Settings for History from the options.
  • Check the Accept Cookies from Website checkbox and save the settings.

Enable Google Chrome to Accept Cookies

  • Launch the Chrome Browser and Click on Settings.
  • Click on Advanced to extend the options.
  • Scroll Down to Privacy and Security and open Content Settings.
  • Click on Cookies and Enable Cookies from there.

Scan and Remove Viruses from the System

Sometimes the external viruses in the computer system restrict the user from accessing the Yahoo Account and the Yahoo Error 19 occurs. So you must thoroughly scan the computer system and remove any kind of virus, malware, and spyware from it then try to open your Yahoo account. I hope now you’ll be able to access your account. If your problem is not resolved then try the next technique.

Always Access Yahoo Mail on the Latest Version of Browser

It is your sole duty to always keep your browser up to date. If there are any pending updates then you must update the browser first and then open Yahoo mail into it because some features of Yahoo Mail doesn’t work properly if the browser is not up to date.

Update Google Chrome

  • Launch the Chrome browser and Click on More icon.
  • In the Help option open About Google Chrome.
  • Now, you can see the pending updates on the screen.
  • If there is any pending update then execute it immediately.
  • After the completion of the updating process Restart the Chrome Browser.

Update Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and in Menu, option-click on About Firefox.
  • About Mozilla, Firefox window will open and it will automatically start checking for updates.
  • If there is any pending update then Firefox will download and update it automatically.
  • Install the update and Restart the Firefox application.

Open Yahoo Mail in another Computer

In some circumstances, the computer’s browser, operating system, and some restriction don’t allow the user to open Yahoo mail application into the system and the error occurs. You can fix Yahoo Error Code 19 or 999 if you open Yahoo Mail in a different computer system. Check the compatibility of the software with the OS you are using.

Creating Backup Will Lose You Nothing

All the story was about how to fix the Yahoo error and access Yahoo emails but have you ever thought of taking a backup of those Yahoo Emails. I suppose you haven’t thought about because the backup is the best option to deal with such situations. If you might have been created a backup of Yahoo email then wouldn’t have faced such a problem. So I would like to advise that always create a backup of Yahoo Emails on the PC so that if any uncertainty arises, you can easily restore it back into your Yahoo account. You can only Backup Yahoo Emails with the help of SysInfo Yahoo Backup Tool.


I hope now you can resolve Yahoo error code 19 and I have mentioned the various techniques to do so. But to be on a safer side you can download Yahoo Emails into PC and access it anytime. I expect that this article proves fruitful to you and helped you to resolve your query.

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