Methods To Fix Thunderbird Inbox Full Can Not Receive Email Error

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Methods To Fix Thunderbird Inbox Full Can Not Receive Email Error

If you are searching for a complete and good solution for Thunderbird Inbox Full Can Not Receive Email. You are on the right track In this article, we are going to tell how you can fix the Error with causes behind the error or why this error occurs?

So, without taking much of your time let start.

Thunderbird is an open-source cross-platform email application introduce by Mozilla for free, user can easily create, receive and send emails with POP3 and IMAP accounts with many other features like fast message search, customizable views, etc.

But, sometimes users face issues in reading, sending and receiving daily emails due to the shortage of space, in that case, they will get an Alert as shown in the screenshot below.

Read this article to find out the solution for resolving the error when Thunderbird maximum request size increases.

Thunderbird maximum request size increases

Reasons Why Size Get Increase

  • The applicant has a large number of emails and the server is not accepting any more.
  • Using numerous Thunderbird account that has not been cleaned over the years.
  • Thunderbird mailbox folders cannot increase the 4GB limit, so this may face an issue.
  • When the problem is with the Windows operating system and Thunderbird v3.1.
  • When some damage occurs in the Thunderbird MBOX files.
  • Anti-virus or firewall has removed or isolated Thunderbird storage files.

Solution for Thunderbird Inbox Full Can Not Receive Email

There are basically two methods used in troubleshooting the error. Compacting and Deleting, Let’s Read them one after the another.

1. Compacting

If a single message has been removed from Mozilla Thunderbird, they will automatically get erased or are removed from the email file. For deleting permanently the files from Mozilla Thunderbird, user required to compact the folders.

Compacting of folders is a mandatory task to perform. If the user will not compact the folder, then it will keep on increasing and may create multiple problems. The users should compact folders on the daily basis of all the mailing programs. For convenient it can be done on a weekly basis. For instant process applicant should make it a habit. If it is not done at all, the users will face the Thunderbird Inbox is Full Error again.

2. Deleting

Re-installing of Thunderbird application will not solve the error, as the trouble is with the email files which are unreachable by this approach. The other way is deleting the unwanted and incorrect files can be an option.

Note: Mozilla Thunderbird will not open the files which are from new emails. So, you can migrate email to another folder available in the local hierarchy.

User can easily move all the selected emails in bulk at the same time. User can perform this by choosing all emails using a shift key and then drag them to the new folder. In such condition, the chances of the full resolution of the issue are very low. As the folders almost every time stored few deleted emails in them. The folder takes some time to copy, the process will be successful after completion.

As a user, this must be in your knowledge that in windows when a user deletes a mail from thunderbird recycle bin is not used. The cause behind this is that the file are large even for recycle bin to store them. Hence, in explorer, you can rename the file instead of deleting it. This will help the user to work smoothly on the Thunderbird application. But the problem with large files is still not solved and Thunderbird inbox full cannot receive email error still exists.

Note: User will face and can see that each file is attached to the same name file with an extension MSF. There are the indexing files which belongs to the folder. So, once you have renamed or removed the file, you must also delete the similar MSF file with it. Otherwise, Thunderbird will create a new index to come up with the indexing issues.


1. Set Deleted Items Settings

  1. Install & run the Thunderbird application.
  2. Now, go to the Tools then Account Settings > Server Settings.
  3. Choose the Leave messages on the server.
  4. Now, as per your suitable way select the number of days to manage the limit of Thunderbird mailbox.
  5. Choose the option Until I delete them to save the message.
  6. At last Hit on OK button to store the changes
    Account Settings

2. Contact the Email Service Operator

  • Contact the email service providers to enlarge the mailbox size of the Thunderbird email account.
  • Ask email service operator to remove some emails from the server.


In the above article, I have explained some methods to solve the error even user from non-technical field can solve the issue. So follow the steps in the article will help you to dissolve the issue.

If your have accidently deleted your some important emails during the deleting process, regain your emails by MBOX email recovery tool.

Hope the article helps you .

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