How to deal with EMSMDB32.DLL Error in Outlook

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How to deal with EMSMDB32.DLL Error in Outlook

Today in this online journal we will be discussing the Outlook error EMSMDB32.DLL. This error is faced by many MS Outlook users and it is found in all latest and earlier version of Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016. So the below mentioned matter is totally concentrated on different methods to fix the unacceptable Error in MS Outlook.

The emsmdb32.file is correlated with the Microsoft Outlook email client. This Outlook file is presented with Microsoft Outlook family from 1997. Therefore this is a reason due to which the error emsmsdb32.dll is attached with all the older and newer versions of the Outlook. The messaging application programming uses this outlook file of communicating with Microsoft Exchange server.

Technical definition: Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 Error EMSMDB32.DLL In our daily routine life while functioning on MS Outlook we have to face many errors. Outlook error EMSMDB32.DLL is one of them which creates hassle in our Outlook work. These errors are generated due to wrong work functioning or fault auto-created in our Outlook or in whole computer system like file crash, viruses, imposition, human error, etc.

This file is related to the Microsoft Outlook mail suite and resides with the MS Outlook clan.

emsmdb32.dll error message

In this module, the user will interact with the different errors the outlook file deals with. The below mentioned scenario is experienced by one of the Outlook users and it is common with many other users also. So have a look.

  • OUTLOOK.EXE version 16.0.6001.1068, Faulting Module EMSMDB32.DLL, Version 11.0.6352.0, stamp 4082d9fd, Outlook.exe, Debug? 0, time stamp 0x56d1801a, Fault address oxooo25212.
  • Faulting module EMSMDB32.DLL, faulting Application Outlook.exe, Version 12.0.4518.1014,, Version 12.0.4518.1014, Stamp 45428079, debug? 0, fault address 0x00129aae, Stamp 45428079, Debug? 0.

Reasons Behind Outlook Crash Error

Whenever the MAPI process fails to work properly then the file linked with the protocol throws errors and Outlook file responds back in the form of emsmdb32.dll error. Primary reasons for this issue:

  • Bad MAPI service.
  • Outdated Microsoft Exchange server.
  • The outdated and old version of MS Outlook.
  • Destroyed/Corrupt Registry.

Primary Reason

The emsndb32.dll file is handled by MPAI(Message Application Programming Interface) that’s why they are updated by Microsoft on a regular basis. The emsmdb32 DLL file is an element of the Microsoft Exchange Server Module, so this file is carried by all the released version of MS Outlook. The Microsoft APIs create the messaging architecture i.e the Message Application Programming architecture which allows the MS mail clients to work in the Exchange workspace.

The MAPI interface also provides sessions to the mail clients to open the mailboxes. The program uses a single MAPI session every time but here the problem occurs when it requires to use multithreading programs to open many mailboxes in MS Outlook. The EMSMDB32 DLL whole sector also handles other features rather than just controlling the multiple logins which in turns hamper the functioning of mail programs of MS Outlook and shows multiple errors on the screen.

Solve emsmdb32.dll error in Outlook using DIY solutions
The user can follow the below-curated methods in order to remove the emsmdvb32.dll error form the Outlook. So just go through the methods and make your Outlook error-free.

#Duck the Issue:

Do a certain workaround, in which you have to open the Microsoft Outlook in safe mode. This will stop any kind of intrusion of MAPI interface service.

  • Press and hold the CTRL key while clicking the MS Outlook application shortcut or
  • Go to start menu and in Run tab type outlook.exe/safe and hit the enter button.

#Get Updated Version of Microsoft Exchange:

You can download a patch namely hotfix to resolve the emsmdb32.dll error. The patch is offered by Microsoft to remove the errors associated with the emsmdb32 DLL error. You can get the complete package from the Microsoft platform.

#Keep Your MS Outlook Updated

The older versions of Outlook are the easy target for the emsmdb32.dll error which includes Outlook versions 2000, 2002, and 97. So go for the latest MS Outlook and get rid of the unnecessary issue with your outlook. The updated versions consist of proper DLL files which barely allows the emsmdb32.dll error in Outlook.

Concluding Lines:

If you are unable to perform these above-jotted methods to remove Outlook error EMSMDB32.DLL Error then you can opt for the expert recommendation in the form of the third-party tool. This solution will definitely work for you and also saves your time and Outlook data.

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