(Solved) - "An Unknown Error Occurred, Error Code 0x80070003"

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How to Fixed MS Outlook Unknown Error Code 0x80070003?

In almost every formal communication via emails, Outlook is the preferred choice among users. Apart from being used as a email client software, it offers various functionalities like calendar, contact manager, journal etc. For multiple users, it is used with Microsoft SharePoint server as well as Microsoft Exchange server in order to exchange information in better form. As it used in many ways, it is also prone to corruption. Because, of which users encounter many error messages, one such error message is an unknown error occurred, error code 0x80070003 in Outlook. It interrupts proper functioning of Outlook, because of which Outlook starts functioning slowly. So, let's discuss the root causes of such errors in Outlook and how you can solve it.

Reasons behind 0x8007003 error in Outlook

  • Might be your Outlook profile is not configured properly.
  • Virus/malware attack your Outlook functioning.
  • Outlook is not properly installed.
  • Or, might be Outlook is not properly used as it supposed to be.

Whenever this error occurs, Outlook starts responding slowly to every click and keystrokes.. Also, many of you when tried to create a new PST file from the account settings panel, you received a message an unknown error occurred, error code 0x80070003 in Outlook. So, let's discuss how you can resolve this error code.

Easy Approach to Fix- Error code 0x80070003 Outlook

  • Firstly, delete Outlook profile, it will delete only settings.
  • Now, run REGEDIT
  • outlook error
  • Thene, delete all the files in these folders
  • Now, give a new name to this folder, which is present in your profile.
  • 0x8007003 error
  • After this, add all your previous email settings.
  • Now, restart Outlook.

By this way you can fix this error manually.

Similarly, when you try add a data files in MS Outlook profiles, you receive this error code 0x80070035. It usually occurs when users setup a document folder on a shared network and because of which you are not able to access network. You can follow below-mentioned tips in order to fix it.

How to Resolve 0x80070035 Error Code in Outlook

  • Close Outlook & open registry editor, follow below-mentioned steps.
    Windows 7 user : Open start, type regedit.exe and press enter.
    Windows 8 user : Open Run, there type regedit.exe and click on Ok
  • In the registry editor, find and click on the sub key:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
  • Then, locate 'Personal' in the value.
  • Now, check whether Data field, contains valid location or not.
  • If not sure, copy and paste the path in Windows Explorer.
  • And, then check whether it locate your files or not. Do, this in online mode.
  • If able to find your files, then double click on 'Personal' value.
  • After that in the Value data box, copy and paste the path of your My Document Folder.
  • Click on Ok to proceed.
    In the value data box, you will see '%USERPROFILE%\Documents'
  • Now, close the 'Registry Editor'.

Mainly error message like an unknown error occurred, error code 0x80070003 occurs due to issues in PST file. In case, if above-mentioned ways does not work for you and you are not able to fix these errors. Then, to fix it, you should opt for a reliable Outlook Recovery tool. As, it will help you to resolve corruption issues present in PST files, and saves your valuable files and data in original form. You can try its demo version for evaluating its performance


Outlook is widely used, but while working on it there are several errors which interrupts users. These errors mainly occurred due to mishandling of Outlook and not properly used as it should be. Well I have covered all possible ways to fix Outlook error code 0x80070003, still you are getting this error back then please mention your feedbacks in comment section.

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