Encountering Mac Mail Error

An Error Occurred While Moving Messages to Mailbox (null)

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Steps to Fix Mac Mail Error While Moving Messages to Mailbox (Null)

Apple Mail, commonly known as Mac Mail, is a popular email client among Mac users. It offers you smart features which you don't get in other email clients supported by Mac system. But sometimes it may cause some unexpected issues which lead to serious problems. Generally, the problems occur with error messages. You're likely to receive a Mac Mail error if Apple Mail client finds anything unusual or unfamiliar within the action you perform. One such common Mac Mail error message occurs while moving messages to mailbox "(null)". You'll see the "Apple mail moving messages stuck".

Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)

For example, you delete a message and you encounter this Mac Mail error: An error occurred while moving messages to mailbox "(null)". The message gets deleted, but it doesn't go into the trash. Then where does it go? The message is lost forever. So now the question is how to fix this issue. Before knowing how to fix this Mac Mail error message, let's figure out the root cause of this error.

Root causes behind this Mac Mail error

Some of the most common and possible reasons behind this Mac Mail error are as follow:

  • You don't synchronize Apple Mail properly.
  • If you have a large mailbox which you're using for many years and its size keeps on increasing.
  • You don't assign the folders for drafts, sent, junks, trashes, etc.

If you find "Apple Mail moving messages are stuck", you should try this easy method suggested by professionals:

  • First of all, close all the applications. Then, launch Apple Mail program.
  • On the taskbar, click Mail tab > Quit Mail.
  • Now hold the Shift key and launch Apple Mail program again. Try the safe mode if Mac doesn't end starting up.
  • Check how it responds in the safe mode.
  • If you find no more issues, you can now reboot it normally.
  • Finally, try testing in your own user's account.

How to resolve Mac Mail error "Apple mail moving messages stuck"?

There are few easy manual tricks you can try to resolve this error.

Trick #1 - Fix IMAP Email Account

Launch Apple Mail program on your system. Go to the Mail tab > Preferences.


On Preferences, click the Account tab and choose an appropriate email account. Then click Server Settings > Advanced IMAP Settings button.


In the IMAP Path Prefix box, enter INBOX. Click OK.


Now click Mailbox Behaviors, and select the INBOX/Trash.

Mailbox Behaviors

The account is free from Mac Mail error. Now you can move your messages with ease.

Trick #2 - Rebuild the Mailbox

If the above trick doesn't work for you, you should try to rebuild the mailbox. You can do that in this way:

  • Launch Apple Mail program on your system.
  • On the taskbar, click Mailbox > Rebuild.


It may take some time to complete this process. The time taken depends on the number of email messages in your Inbox or Sent Items.

Trick #3 - Assign the Folders

Follow these simple steps to assign the folders:

  • Launch Apple Mail program on your system, and select the folder you want to assign.
  • Now scroll-down to the email account. And then, click drop-arrow to check the Drafts, Sent, Junk, and Trash folders.
  • Start with assigning the folder for drafts. Click Drafts folder once to highlight it.


  • On the taskbar, click Mailbox > Use This Mailbox As > Drafts Mailbox.

junk mailbox

This will assign the Drafts-folder in Apple Mail client.

Note: You need to follow the same procedure for Sent, Junk, and Trash folders.

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