Lotus Notes Error

Entry Not Found in Index While Archiving

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While accessing the data from Lotus Notes it generated an error “lotus notes error entry not found in index”. This prevents the user from accessing their important data to work efficiently. So, this blog will discuss all this error, its causes, how can it be resolved.

The most popular email client is IBM Lotus Notes that provide services such as emailing, scheduling, calendaring, etc. Also, it has the ability to store contacts in address books, messages in the database, access to web servers, etc. Consist of various features that support integrated messaging, business applications and social collaboration. It supports the NSF file format that stores mailbox data of users.

About Lotus Notes Error- “Entry not found in Index”

Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest issues faced by many users of Lotus Notes. This error usually occurs when a user in the IBM Notes application tries to open any document. A Lotus Notes error "Entry not found during archiving in Index" is generated after this.

When dealing with Lotus Notes files, templates, mails, or views, the error can also be expressed in a number of other ways, such as:

  • "Entry not found in index..."
  • “Entry not found in index or view's index is not built″

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Causes of Lotus Notes Entry not Found in Index Error -

This increasing error in lotus notes is caused by some issues with internal configuration files as given below:

1. Look Formula issue in Internal Configuration Files

The Lookup formula that you entered is likely to be incorrect in many cases. Lotus Notes can not look at the desired content in such a scenario and results in an error. This also occurs due to the null or blank value.

2. Corruption of File

“Lotus notes error entry not found in index” error can occur due to data corruption in the NSF file. The NSF folder is located in the Notes directory containing all addresses, contacts, calendars, journals, activities, etc. Users can create or retrieve data by taking the administrator's permission.

So these all are causes of “lotus notes archive error entry not found in index” issue. Now let us see methods to resolve this error.

How can "Entry not found in index" error be fixed?

There are two solutions for the above two causes as given below:

Solution 1: To resolve “Look Formula Issue”

  • Using the F9 key, refresh the Notes view first.
  • Use SHIFT+F9 keys to upgrade the view.
  • If the error still exists, the equation for Lookup Formula must have a problem.
Solution 2: To resolve Data Corruption issue

Users can avoid the corruption of their files or restore the corrupted database by using some manual methods to fix NSF files. IBM has a built-in repair tool for solving corruption problems. It can be achieved in the following way by compressing the database:

  • Initially, compress the Lotus Notes workspace.
  • Then select the Notes mails from the database.
  • Do a right-click from the mouse for viewing the database.
  • Visit the Notes application and choose the Properties option. Then press the “i” button.
  • Lastly, choose the “compact” option to compress the selected database.
Final Thoughts!!

In this blog, we have discussed the “lotus notes error entry not found in index” with their causes. Also, to resolve the “entry not found in index” issue we have mentioned all manual solutions with respect to each cause. This type of error can occur when the NSF file contains corrupted data, so it is better to migrate NSF files into PST format using NSF to PST Converter as PST is a file format supported by many email clients.

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