Fix ‘Failed to Parse the Corrupted Excel File’ Error

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Fix ‘Failed to Parse the Corrupted Excel File’ Error

Excel is very important to most workers like wearing clothes and having food. It’s so powerful, it’s hard to imagine life without Excel.

Everyone has used Excel at some point or the other in their lives, and we know how important it is to have Excel with many of our essential data gets save within the workbooks. Excel, basically, is a powerful medium for storing data. A professional person can’t even think to survive a life without Excel, especially in the present lifestyle.

But due to which issue Excel is forced to stop working? Usually, it is because of faulty Excel file. ‘Failed to Parse the damaged Excel File‘ Error. This forces me to find out the main cause behind this error and how to fix ‘failed to parse the corrupted excel file’ error.

Some Hacks To Fix Corrupted Excel File

1. Open and Reconstruct Utility

MS Office application can rebuild some damaged Excel records naturally. While Office works on the corrupted documents to fix them there will be a long halt than normal working After reconstructing, user records it will either open correctly otherwise an error message will pop up defining the problem.

To perform the task manually follow procedure.

  • Launch file normally.
  • Choose the Excel document.

Tap on the sign present to the right side of the Open key and choose Open and Repair option.

Note: If the corruption level in the users Excel is weak, then the applicant can easily get back all the data in the file.

Open and Repair file

2. Store File To Different Format

If the user is able to open the file in Excel, try to store the file into different formats and then re-open them in Excel and try to store them back as Excel workbooks.

Hit on File and then Save As. Select SYLK (Symbolic Link) from the Save as type list and Hit Save. Then close the workbook.

link symbolic file

Next, Hit File and Open again, but this time select the SYLK file. Now the user has to select All Files from the Files of type list to see the SYLK file.

Once the file is open, click File and then Save As. Now the user has to select will Microsoft Excel Workbook and click Save.

Note that only current worksheet will be saved using SYLK format. User required to store worksheet separately and repeat the process.

3. Delete Temp Folder

User can simply remove the contents of the C:\Windows\Temp directory and then restart your system. And try to open the file again.

Reasons For Excel File Corruption

Their many causes of Excel file corruption the presumable causes of Excel File Corruption are given here below:

  • The unexpected shutdown of the system might be the situation of corruption of your Excel file(s).
  • Again, Virus attacks are one of the important causes of the corruption of MS Excel file corruption. So, always keep an updated version of Anti-Virus software.
  • Another reason for the Excel file damaged lies in the hard disk failure in which system’s hard disk has either failed or contain bad area developed on it where Excel file(s) or are saved.

Expert Solution

If manual methods are not helpful then don’t get panic. If you are from the non-technical background then you should choose an expert solution. It consumes less time and gives a perfect result. One of the best tools for Software Recovery is SysInfoTools Excel file Recovery. This tool will support the recovery of single as well as multiple files concurrently. Best possible recovery from corrupt Excel files in minimum possible time.


Above we have explained the manual hacks to troubleshoot the error failed to parse the corrupted excel file; but if the manual procedure does not work then go with an expert software i.e Excel file Recovery software. Now it is up to you be smart and then choose.

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