1. Overview

Sysinfo PDF Splitter tool is designed to split a large-sized PDF file into small chunks of PDF files. It can also be used to split password-protected PDF files. The user can split the PDF files according to page numbers, size of file, the number of pages, even & odd pages, and range. For making the tool more productive, the tool is offered with a feature, users can provide the description for splitted PDF files like title, author name, subject, and keywords. It also allows the users to save the splitted file on the desired location.

Key Features:

  • Split the big sized PDF files into small chunks.
  • Break the password-protected PDF files with ease.
  • Get meta-information of the selected PDF file.
  • Split the PDF by giving total number of pages in each PDF.
  • Divide the PDF by providing the page numbers to include.
  • Change the meta-description like author, title, subject, and keywords.
  • Password protect the resultant splitted PDF files.
  • Save the resultant PDF files on the desired saving location.

System Requirement:

Requires around 2 GB of RAM.
Needed 50 MB disk space for software installation.
Enough Hard Disk space to store the resultant output.
Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2012(both 32 and 64 bit).

2. User Interface

After launching the Sysinfo PDF Split tool, the user gets the interface like the below image:

User Interface

2.1 Button

Help  Help: In case of any help from tech support, click on this button.

Add Folder  Back Button: Click on this button to go back to the previous step.

Remove Files  OK Button: To Apply any change or for confirmation, click on this button.

Close Button
							    Close Button: To close the application or any dialog box click on this button.

Home  Home Button - For navigating to the the home window, click on this button.

Purchase  Purchase Button – Buy the full version of the software by clicking on this button.

Select PDF  Select PDF Button - Select the PDF file to split.

Path To Save  Path To Save Button: Select the path to save the splitted PDF file.

Stop  Stop Button: Stop the process of splitting by clicking on this button.

Information  Information Button: Use the information button to know all about the tools.

Next  Next Button: Go to the next step or further step.

Split  Split button: Start splitting process using this button.

5. Software Working

5.1. Launch the PDF Split Utility

Launch the PDF Split Tool.

5.2.Add PDF to Split.

Add the PDF file to split and click on the Next button.

5.3. Read PDF File Information

Get the PDF file information and click on the Next button.

5.4. Select PDF Split option

Select the way to split the PDF file.

Split PDF by the number of pages.The user is allowed to give the range from 1-3. Then, click on the Next button.

Split PDF by Range. The maximum range should not be greater than 2 and less than the minimum range. Then, click on the Next button.

Divide the PDF using specific pages. Use the termination mark(;) after the ending page number. Then, click on the Next button.

5.5. Provide PDF Description

Provide all the descriptions like title, author name, subject, and keywords.

5.6.Provide File Name and Destination

Give the file name and the saving destination. Then, click on the Split button.


Soon, the PDF file will get splitted and a prompt will pop-up to notify you about the confirmation of the splitting process. Click on the Ok button and exit.

7. Uninstallation

Software Uninstallation Guide Software Uninstallation Guide

9. Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any support application to run this software?

No, you don’t need any support application to perform the splitting of the PDF file using this utility tool.

Can it split an encrypted PDF file?
Can I change the password of the PDF file after the process?
MY PDF files are corrupt is it possible to split my corrupt PDF files using this tool?