How to Launch System Restore From Command Prompt in Windows 10?

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How to Launch System Restore From Command Prompt in Windows 10

The main purpose of the System Restore is to reinstall the operating system files back to its previous point. This System Restore is beneficial when malicious software enters the computer and corrupts the entire system files. Also, this function deals with various ransomware infections that can block computer screens. The reinstalling Windows takes a lot of time in comparison to system backup.

Therefore, many users want to reinstall the system from a system backup rather than reinstalling Windows. This article will mainly focus on the process of operating a System Restore via Command Prompt. While dealing with ransomware infections, it is quite difficult to operate a System Restore. There are fake antivirus programs and ransomware infections that can block or restrict the operating system's Safe Mode and Safe Mode with networking.

How to do a System Restore on Windows 10 from Command Prompt via Manual Approach?

Method 1. Initiate System Restore from Command Prompt in System Recovery Options

If your Windows cannot boot, then reinstall the system with the command line. Then use the System Recovery Options Command Prompt in Windows 7. In case, you use "wbadmin start recovery" command, they might encounter the error:

"Warning: The START RECOVERY command is not supported in this version of Windows."

That can happen due to some of the sub-commands of Wbadmin are only present for the server, and "wbadmin start recovery" is one of them. This command is used to reinstall files/volumes/applications that were backed up through Windows Server Backup.

You can open System Restore by using another command:

  1. First, open CMD in System Recovery Options, type rstrui.exe, and press Enter. This command will quickly open the System Restore wizard.
  2. system-restore-from-cmd-windows
  3. Now, select a restore point and tap on Next. You have to follow the instructions to finish the system restore.
  4. system-restore-from-cmd-windows

Method 2. Initiate System Restore through Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Another method to launch System Restore is by visiting Safe Mode with Command Prompt:

  1. First, restart the computer. Throughout the start process, press F8 frequently until Windows Advanced Boot Options emerge. Then, choose the Safe Mode with Command Prompt and press on the Enter button.
  2. system-restore-from-cmd-windows
  3. Once you get into the Command Prompt window, type cd restores and press on the Enter button.
  4. Now, type rstrui.exe and press Enter. Then, start the System Restore wizard and accompany the wizard to finish the restore process.

These are the manual procedures that will help the user to launch system restore from command prompt. Although manual procedures can cause severe data corruption in Windows hard drives.

No worry!! one can use the Windows Data Recovery software that will help the users to reinstall the maximum data from the damaged or corrupt hard drive. This software supports all the major versions of Windows-based operating systems.


In this blog, I tried to provide all the information to launch system restore from command prompt. One can easily learn and perform the procedure after reading this article. This article provides the procedure by which one can enable system restore windows 10 command line.

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