How to Save or Open ODS file in Excel Online?

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Many times, users want to Save or Open ODS file in Excel file format. This can happen when you send your ODS file to a person working on Excel and he wants to open it in Excel. For this purpose, you need to open the ODS spreadsheet in Excel format to view it. Before moving ahead with the method of opening and saving these files in .xls format, let us see what are the two file formats are.

The ODS (Open document spreadsheet) file type is associated with the Apache OpenOffice/StarOffice spreadsheet programs whereas the XLS file type is associated with Microsoft Excel. You can convert an OpenOffice spreadsheet to an Excel by using the menu commands in Apache OpenOffice. Conversely, if you are using Microsoft Excel, an add-in for the Microsoft Office suite is available that will give you the ability to open and convert ODS file types to XLS files.

Methods to Open ODS file in Excel File Online:

1. By using MS Excel

  • Start by opening the MS Office Excel 2010 and press Ctrl+O to open Window
  • In the next step click on the ODS in drop down box next to the file name box option
  • Now use the integrated file browser to select the ODS file and click on “Open” to open the ODS file in MS Office.
  • Finally, Click on “Yes” when Excel asks if you want to recover the contents of the file. (Excel warns you that the ODS format can contain elements that it can't recognize for example ODS files can contain dangerous code — such as macros — meaning that it's not a good idea to open the document if you don't trust its source of the file)
Additional Note:

When trying to open an ODS file in Excel, it might not have the same file formatting as it did in the original application it was created in. This is caused due to the differences between applications that use the OpenDocument Format.

2. By Using Google Drive

If you are not dealing with sensitive data then you can upload the ODS file to Google Drive. To open the files in .xls format, use the top menu to download the file as XLS or XLSX. This is an easy method to do conversion of files to Excel format with the help of Google.

3. By Using Professional CALC Recovery Software

If you want to convert CALC (ODS) to ODS file format, then you can easily use the Professional CALC Recovery Tool to save/ open ODS files in excel file format. You can recover the damaged or corrupt ODS files using this Professional CALC recovery tool. So, this tool can be used to recover and repair corrupt ODS files and save it in an Excel file format.

To Sum up

You can Save/Open ODS file in Excel file format easily by following the above methods. If you are not able to do it manually, you can download the Professional CALC Recovery software tool to save/open ODS file in Excel(.Xls) format easily.

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