How to Save Gmail Emails with Attachments to the Hard Drive?

In this blog, we will discuss methods involving how to save Gmail emails with attachments to the Hard Drive. Therefore, the below section illustrates the manual solution to save Gmail backup to the hard drive. Gmail is an extensively used email service provider all over the world and stores all the important contacts and important messages containing sensitive information. Users may require this information either for business opportunities, legal reasons or for any other reasons. Moreover, when you have to switch your account to the new mail services or any other account. Then, you may be required to back up the entire Gmail data.

Why do we have to Transfer Gmail Data to Hard Drive?

The maximum capability of Gmail to hold data is 10GB and if it crosses that limits then it lead to non-functioning of Gmail services and sometimes personal data loss. Due to these issues in Gmail, users prefer to move Gmail data to the hard drive. Moreover, the users often get frustrated due to the destabilization of Gmail which results in the inaccessibility of the Gmail account. Therefore, users are always advised to save their data to USB Drives, External Hard Drives, etc. It will help users to access their data when it's required.

Manual Approach to Save Gmail Data to Hard Drive

Users can transfer the Gmail data into any desired location through Google Takeout Services. Google Takeout can download the selected data and can save it in .zip file. Let's go through step by step to learn how to save Gmail emails with attachments to the Hard Drive.

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Account profile.


Step 2: After that, you need to pick all the data items that you would like to save.


Step 3: Now click on the Create Archive button to start the downloading process. As soon as the downloading starts, users are can check the progress of the downloading process.


Step 4: Once all the mailbox items get downloaded, now you can save your Gmail data to external hard drive or SD card by clicking the Save icon.

Limitations of Manual Method to Save Gmail data to Hard Drive

  • Google Takeout usually gets destabilized while downloading Gmail data.
  • It doesn't guarantee a safe download of Gmail data.
  • Downloading is extremely time-consuming and prolonged.
  • A non-technical person might find challenging to perform these steps.

Trusted Solution to Save Gmail Data to the Hard Drive

The above steps will be helpful on how to save Gmail Emails with attachments to the hard drive free of cost. But, this method can only save a single Gmail email at a time and requires a lot of time. However, if you want to download multiple emails at once, use a third-party application that can swiftly download Gmail emails in bulk.

One such powerful application is the SysInfo Gmail Backup Software that safely downloads your Gmail data to your local device, Hard drive, and USB Drive and the user can easily export the Gmail data to other email clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Yahoo. This tool can effortlessly save the exported files to any desired formats such as PDF, HTML, EML, EML, TXT, MSG, MBOX, etc. Users can also download their Demo Version for free and save up to 50 emails.

Here is a step by step guide for using this software.

Step 1: First, launch the software and enter your login credentials.


Step 2: Now select the desired format in which you would like to save your backup file.


Step 3: Now choose the appropriate folder you would like to go back. You can also use the Date Range Filter option for selective backup.


Step 4: You can choose the “Naming Convention” to rename files.Moreover, emails can be deleted after download by using the“Delete after Download” Option


Step 5: As soon as the backup process gets completed, click OK.

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