How to Save AOL Email As PDF?

If you are thinking, How do I save an AOL email as a PDF? Are you looking for a solution to how to save AOL email as PDF? Then you came to the right place. Here, you will surely get the absolute method to backup, save or download your AOL mailbox emails into PDF format.

AOL Mail provides a secure and delightful email experience for millions of people around the world. It gives users a personalized mail experience to connect with their friends and family. It provides you with an integrated calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and bookmarks right within your inbox. But sometimes, users are facing suffering issues in opening and viewing data via the internet on the AOL web. So, they prefer to download the emails in offline mode.

Thus for this, PDF file format is the best choice to store small and large email data/content files and attachments. It is used to show documents in an electronic form independent of the software, hardware, or operating system they view. It enables users to use different content like text, images, vector graphics, videos, audio files, 3D models, interactive fields, animations, hyperlinks, and buttons.

Before looking at the instant solution of how to save AOL email as PDF. Let’s check out the need to export AOL emails into PDF.

Why Do Users Need To Save AOL Emails as A PDF?

As we know, email saves offline or into the PC is more safe and secure than uploaded on the web. Besides this, there are various reasons why users want their data to export from the web and save it offline. Some of the reason that insists users to save AOL emails are as follows:

  1. Prevent from data Corruption/Damage: Sometimes, data files uploaded on the website are prone to data damage or corruption issues. Thus by saving the files in offline mode helps users to overcome data loss.
  2. Save Email accessing Time: Because of the slow speed of the internet, users face issues while accessing or working with the inbox emails. So for saving time, it is good to download emails offline into the system.
  3. For accessing a specific email: A user faces an error while wanting to view the particular file. So by exporting files into PDF format and backing them to the PC help users to preview and access required files quickly.
  4. Free up Server Space: To free up the storage space from AOL mail and store the AOL mailbox’s emails safely. One can save AOL inbox emails into PDF format.
  5. Easy File Transfer: If users want to send their data, then by saving the AOL emails in offline mode, it is easier for them to transfer data.

Thus, to overcome this issue or error, the extraction of AOL mail emails to PDF file format is a smart choice. This article will discuss a prominent technique to download AOL emails to PDF and solve how to save AOL email as PDF without any data loss.

Technique to Save AOL Emails Into PDF File

In this section, we find the solution of How to save an AOL email as a PDF. We learn both the manual and professional techniques to backup or download AOL emails into PDF file format. Both methods are secure, and there is no risk of data loss.

Technique 1: Save AOL Email As PDF Manually

  • Step 1: Open AOL mail on your web browser and Login with the required credentials.
  • step1
  • Step 2: Then in the opening dashboard, open your folder from where you want to save the email.
  • Step 3: Now, open the desired email message you want to save.
  • step1
  • Step 4: After opening the email, select the More option.
  • Step 5: Then select the Print message from the drop-down of Menu and click on it.
  • Step 6: Now, the message will open in PDF format.
  • step1
  • Step 7: Here, you can also preview the message data and select a different advanced option like destination, path, the layout of the PDF file.
  • Step 8: Click on the Save button to start the process of saving.
  • step1
  • Step 9: A new window popup on the screen to select the location where you want to save a PDF file.
  • Step 10: Finally, click on the Save button you selected email is backed up into PDF.
  • step1

    After following the above-mentioned step-by-step guide on how to save AOL email as PDF, one can easily find the imported PDF of AOL email at the selected location. The above technique is safe and secure but has a limitation as it can be used to save a single email at a time. Thus to overcome, users can use a professional way to backup AOL emails into PDF.

    Technique2: Save AOL emails into PDF Using Third-Party Utility

    SysInfo AOL Mail Backup Tool is a prominent and top-notch utility to save AOL emails directly into the local system. The software is also capable of backing up AOL mail emails into different file formats like MBOX, EML, PST, EMLX, OST, PDF, CSV, JSON, etc. Along with this, one can easily remove duplicate emails and set a backup schedule of AOL mailbox emails. Moreover, it allows users to import AOL mail emails into Outlook and other various email clients such as Gmail, Office 365, IMAP, Thunderbird, HostGator, iCloud, Zoho Mail, Opera Mail, Yandex Mail, etc.

    Let’s check out the working procedure of the software:

    • Step 1: Download and Install the SysInfo AOL Mail Backup Tool.
    • Step 2: Launch the utility and Sign In with the credentials( AOL mail id and third-party app password).
    • Step 3: Check the folders whose emails you want to save and click on the Next button.
    • Step 4: Now, select PDF format from the drop-down menu of Saves/Backup/Migrate As.
    • Step 5: Opt with the PDF attachments separately feature to save the attachments of emails separately.
    • Step 6: You can also check the different built-in features of the software according to your requirement.
    • Step 7: Now, click on the Path to Save button to select the destination path of a new PDF file.
    • Step 8: To save AOL mail emails into PDF, tap on the Convert button.
    • Step 9: Moreover, you can also save the conversion report by pressing the Download Report button.
    • By following the above-mentioned steps carefully, you can get the complete solution of how to save AOL email as PDF.


    In this blog, we have learned AOL Mail provides a secure and delightful email experience for millions of people and look at the Need To Save AOL Emails as A PDF. Along with the blog, to overcome these reasons for AOL emails data loss, understand the working procedure of manual and professional methods. So the users can get the solution of how to save AOL email as PDF.

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