How to Import PST Files to Office 365 Safely?

Office 365 offers many benefits and has immense features. One of the biggest advantages of using Office 365 is the ability to work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. That’s why many businesses and organizations are opting for Office 365. So, if you are trying to learn how you can import PST into Office 365, this article will help you to convert PST file into Office 365 Exchange Online. Let’s not waste any more time and just Digg in.

Why there’s a need to Import Outlook Files to Office 365?

There are several reasons responsible for importing PST data to Office 365 and some of them are mentioned below:

  • If you want to migrate the organization's email to Office 365 then you have to import PST files to user mailboxes
  • Users can use the Import feature to filter the items in PST files that actually get imported to the target mailboxes. This will allow trimming the data that's imported by setting filters.
  • Importing data to Office 365 will help to protect against data loss. The data that's imported to Office 365 inherits the features of Exchange Online.
  • Office 365 email data is available to users from all devices because it is stored in the cloud.

Method #1: Import PST Files to Office 365 Mailbox Manually

Here are an illustration and description of the complete PST import process.


Step 1: Upload the PST file into Office 365 cloud platform

In order to upload the PST file into O365, you have to follow the below instruction.

  • Firstly, log in to your Office 365 Admin Account and go to Admin Center then select Exchange.
  • Now the Exchange Admin Center window will open, in this window click on Permissions then a list will appear and choose Organization Management>> + sign >> Mailbox Import Export >> Add>> OK.
  • Exchange Admin
  • After that, you will be back on the Organization Management window and here select Mailbox Import Export >> Save.
  • Go to Admin Center and select Setup >> Data Migration and then click Upload PST file.
  • Data Migration

Step 2: Create a PST import Job and upload data in Exchange Online

  • After clicking the upload PST file you need to create a job by clicking on New Import Job and type the Job Name then click Next.
  • Upload PSt file
  • Now, check on Upload your data option and click NEXT.
  • Upload Your data

Step 3: Install the Azure AzCopy tool and use SAS URL

  • Once you click next, you will see a window on the screen. Click on the Show Network Upload SAS URL, copy the URL by clicking on the clipboard and paste on the notepad. When it is done, go to Download Azure AzCopy and install the tool.
  • Show Network URL
  • After installing, just launch the application and types the given command.
  • Note: While doing this process you have to give the sharing permission of your file or folder where the PST file is saved. Also, copy the network path.

    AzCopy.exe/Source:\\Network Path/Dest:”SAS URL”/V: give location to save log file\AzCopy.log/Y


    AzCopy.exe /Source:\\DESKTOP-MPKVU38\Users\kc\Desktop\Import /Dest:”” /V:c:\Users\kc\Desktop\AzCopy.log /Y

  • After that, press the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • Enter Key

    After performing the above steps, the PST file is successfully stored on Azure AzCopy tool, now you can close this window.

Step 4: Create CSV file to move PST file

  1. After storing data into Azure tool you are required to create a CSV file to import PST into O365 Mailbox.
  2. Go to Import Data window and check on the below options and click Next.
  3. import Data

Step 5: Create PST import mapping file

  • 1. After clicking next, a window will appear on the screen, here you have to upload the created CSV file by clicking Select mapping file option.
  • 2. Then click Validate, once it done just click Save.
  • validate
  • 3. Once clicking on save your PST file, it will successfully moved to Office 365 account and then click Close.
  • Save PST file

Method #2: Import PST files to Office 365 by using Third-party tool

import pst file

There is another way to migrate PST into Office 365 cloud platform and that is a third-party tool. In the above method, you can see that manual procedure is not easy for a non-technical person and it also involves many steps. So, you must opt for the professional solution. There are many third-parties available but I recommend you to use SysInfo’s Office 365 Backup & Restore Tool. The utility will migrate all your PST data like emails, calendars, contacts, and attachments into Office 365 mailbox at once. You must try free demo version of this software, it is a tool you can totally bank upon.

Final Words

In this blog, I have described how you can import PST files to Office 365 Exchange Online. The two possible methods are mentioned above to convert PST into Office 365. You can choose any one of them as per your convenience.

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