Top 2 Ways to Extract MS Exchange Database EDB Files

Summary:- Data is one of the essential parts of an organization, and it makes all the efforts to keep its data safe and secure. But the virus attacks and malware intrusion are not in an organization's hands. Sometimes the exchange database gets corrupted, and a hurdle appears for the company. Therefore, here you can explore the best way to extract Exchange Database EDB files from the exchange server and convert it to PST. Even if your EDB file is corrupted, you can extract the data from it and store it in multiple file formats. Either you can use the EDB to PST Extractor for extracting EDB files or try the manual solution.

Download Exchange Database Files as PST

You must be aware of the fact that people want to convert their extracted exchange data to PST because it can be easily accessed in your MS Outlook account. You can import PST to Outlook and go through the extracted data.

Extract Exchange EDB Files to Outlook PST Mannually

If you extract Exchange Database Manually, you could save some extra bucks by buying an automated tool. So, let's see the significant steps involved in EDB extraction.

  1. Create URL Server
    • Create a Server URL to work with Exchange Admin Center.
    • Open Window Powershell and enter the command "Get-ECPVirtualDirectory Format-List F1 Internal URL, External URL"
    • Then copy the URL and paste it into the browser to access Exchange Admin Center Services.
  2. Generate Network Sharing Folder
    • Now, you will have to create a Sharing Folder where you want to extract Exchange Database EDB files.
    • Then permit the shared folder to the Exchange System.
  3. Give Import-Export Permission
    • In the Exchange Admin Center, click on the Permission Menu.
    • Then click on the Recipient Management option and choose the Add + option.
    • Now enter the name and description and choose the Mailbox Import-Export option.
    • Add the members in the same wizard.
  4. Convert Exchange EDB to PST
    • Finally, choose the Recipients from the left side in the Exchange Admin Center.
    • Now, you will be able to view all the mailboxes on the server.
    • Choose the needed mailbox and then click on the Three Dots.
    • A drop-down menu will open where you will have to click on the Export a PST file option.
    • Choose the Exchange Mailbox that you want to extract to PST and then click on the Next button.
    • Then, define the location where you want to save the PST file and the mailbox to store emails after the exchange extraction process.

After extracting EDB to PST, you can open and access the PST file in your MS Outlook account. The above method will extract Exchange Database quickly. But if you lack technical knowledge, then this method could be tiring and a small mistake can make your exchange database corrupted. Therefore, we will also tell you a shortcut to extract the Exchange Database to PST.

Automated Tool for EDB File Extraction

You can try the Sysinfo EDB to PST Converter software to extract EDB Files. You will not have to follow lengthy steps to perform the extraction. In just five simple steps, all the EDB file emails will be converted to PST, and you can view them in your Outlook Account.

So, let's move on to the five simple steps that will help you in Exchange EDB file extraction.

  • Download and Launch the Sysinfo EDB to PST Converter Software on your PC or Laptop.
  • Click on the Browse EDB File option and add the EDB files to the software.
  • Choose the Recovery Mode, either Standard, Advance, or Deep recovery mode.
  • Click on the Next button and preview the Exchange file data.
  • Choose the Save As an option, whether PST or Office 365 and click on the Save button.

All your Exchange Database Information will be extracted to the PST or Office 365 as you choose. These simple steps will do the conversion in no time.


Now you know how to extract Exchange Database EDB files quickly. Either you can do the same manually or with the help of an automated tool. We advise you to use the Automated tool if you lack technical knowledge because manual steps can be followed only by technical experts. A small error in the manual extraction can make your whole database corrupt. Therefore, make a wise choice while following the method.