How to Convert/Save PST files to PDF Using SysInfo PST to PDF Converter


Firstly, download & install SysInfo PST to PDF Converter on the computer system. Launch it and click on Open Button.

Scan & Formatted Scan

Click on browse button to open the PST file, and select it from anywhere in your system.

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Now, choose any recovery mode. Other detail gets automatically selected, but you can also make the selection according to your need. Press OK to continue.

Scan & Formatted Scan

After you have finished with the Step 3; the software will scan the selected PST file from any corruption. Click OK from the appeared alert box, once the process is completed.

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Select any of the mails and you can preview it in the File Preview section. Choose the folder from the left file structure panel and press on Save button to save it.

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Browse the destination folder to save the file into PDF format.

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Check the checkboxes shown in the image if you want to save the email columns like to, from, subject, and date.

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Press Ok, when the conversion process is completed.

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Complete Software Documentation

Taskbar Menu

Menu Description
sysinfo software menu Open: The icon to browse/open the file that you want convert or recover.
sysinfo software menu Stop: The icon if you want to stop the current process going on.
sysinfo software menu Save: Go for this icon to save the converted file into PDF format.
sysinfo software menu Search:This icon allows you to search for the PST files from your system.
sysinfo software menu Export:Allow to saves the PST file into HTML format.
sysinfo software menu Log: Click on this icon to save conversion process as log file.
sysinfo software menu Save Snapshot: Save the snapshot of the scanning process.
sysinfo software menu Load Snapshot: Using this you can upload the snapshot saved before.
sysinfo software menu Help: Get the help about the software.
sysinfo software menu About: Get more information about the software.
Minimum System Requirement
sysinfo box
What's New in this Version?
sysinfo box
  • Performs the quick conversion of corrupt or healthy files.
  • Recover the corrupted PST files and save it into PDF.
  • Can save the scanning process as a Log and Snapshot.
  • Easy to use Interface for both technical and non technical user.
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