How to Convert MAC OLM files to PST Format Using SysInfo OLM to PST Converter


Download SysInfo OLM to PST Converter. When you will launch the software it will ask you to select the version of MS Outlook 32 or 64 bit installed in your system.

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From the application taskbar, select the Open Button to open the OLM file that you want to convert into PST format.

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Now click on the browse button to locate the .olm from the system.

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Select the OLM file that you require to save or convert into Outlook PST format and click on Open Button.

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You can also search the file from your .olm file within your system if you can’t locate it at your saved located. Choose the particular directory in which you want search the file and click on Search button to run the searching.

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After the application has embedded your files, select any file from the shown directory in left panel and click on Save button on the taskbar. This will open a window to browse the location to save the resultant file (as a .pst format).

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Choose the “Save as PST” radio button to convert the file as outlook PST format, and “Attach PST file to MS Outlook” if you want to automaticity add the converted PST file to your Outlook Profile. You can also save the PST file according to the date range for that check the Select Data Range Checkbox.

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After you finish with Step 7, a saving process will start and save the .olm as .pst at the selected location. Click when the process completes.

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Below image shows the automatically attached PST files in your Outlook profile after the complete conversion. If you have selected “Attach PST file to MS Outlook” in the Step 7, then you will easy find the PST after you open Outlook.

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Complete Software Documentation

Taskbar Menu

Menu Description
sysinfo software menu Open: Click on the icon to open the OLM file in application platform
sysinfo software menu Stop: Click on icon to stop the current conversion process.
sysinfo software menu Save: Select the icon to save your OLM data.
sysinfo software menu Export: Icon if you want to export data into HTML format.
sysinfo software menu Log: Select the icon to save the conversion process as log txt format.
sysinfo software menu Load Snapshot: Click if you want to load the Snapshot for file recovery
sysinfo software menu Save Snapshot: Click if you want to save the recovery process as snapshot.
sysinfo software menu Help: Click if you want any help regarding the software.
sysinfo software menu About: Click if you want to learn about the software.
System Requirement
sysinfo box
  • Recommended with Pentium processor.
  • Recommended with Minimum 512MB RAM.
  • Must have 50MB space for Software installation.
  • Required to have enough disk space to store file(s).
  • Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7,& Vista (32 & 64-bit).
  • Need to have MS Outlook Installed (any version 2016 or below).
What's New in this Version?
olm to pst
  • New and improved software interface (user-friendly).
  • Perform quicker conversion from one format to another.
  • Featured with conversion and recovery of corrupt OLM files.
  • Automatically attach the converted files as PST into Outlook profile.
  • Successfully runs on all the versions of Windows & Outlook.
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