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Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery

A must-have utility for Windows users

Win Live Messenger Password Recovery
Do you have trouble logging into Windows Live Messenger? In case you have lost or forgotten the password of Windows Live Messenger, you are going to suffer a lot here. Instead of scratching your head, just get the smart Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery tool now! Designed and provided by SysInfoTools Software, it’s a freeware solution for cracking the original passwords of Windows Live Messenger which were saved by the program on your PC under current login. The operation of password recovery or cracking is performed in a highly safe-manner without causing any changes or unwanted modifications.

  • Quick recovery of lost or forgotten passwords of any length and complexity.
  • Storing of recovered passwords into a file or system clipboard.
  • Uncovering the passwords of Windows Live Messenger hidden behind asterisks.
  • Support passwords which contain multilingual codes and characters.
  • All popular versions of Windows Live Messenger explorer are supported.
  • Highly compatible with Windows operating systems, including the latest Windows 10.
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Have a look on these outstanding features of Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery:

Instant Password Recovery
Quick Password Recovery

The password recovery action is performed in an instant manner and any type of password, i.e. lengthy or complex is recovered and saved in a text file.

Password storing
Password Storage

Password storage is the most helpful feature of this tool. Via this, users can save their recovered passwords into a text file or system clipboard which can be used for future reference.

Hidden password recovery
Uncovering Passwords

The passwords which are covered or hidden behind the asterisk marks (***) can easily be uncovered to be displayed in front of the users.

Multilingual Password recovery
Multilingual Password Recovery

If the lost or forgotten passwords contain any multilingual code or character, the tool is highly able to recover them to re-access your Windows Live Messenger account.

Simplifies UI
Wide Support

Users are not going to face any supportability issues unlike other password recovery tools. It supports all popular versions of Windows Live Messenger.

Windows Support
Higher Compatibility

Being a Windows utility, the software smoothly runs under all major versions of Windows-based operating systems which include the latest Windows 10 and 8 (all editions).

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Clients Reviews

"Thanks guys, you make my day! I never forget to recommend your Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery Tool. This tool did magical work for. Keep it up guys! Many Thanks!"

- Norma Roth

"After a long time, yesterday I’ve tried to login my Windows Live Messenger account. But, unfortunately I forgot my password and unable to access my personal account. I searched on Internet and found few password recovery tools. I picked this tool randomly from all of others and very happy to use that. Thanks! "

- Ellie Brooks

"Thanks SysInfoTools for providing me such a nice tool. I was helpless, when I’ve received “Incorrect Password” message. This is true that I tried many other solutions to regain my password and access the Windows Live Messenger account."

- Madeline McCrory

"I am very happy to use this freeware Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery Tool. This tool recovered my forgotten password within a few seconds without putting any extra effort. Thanks SysInfoTools team for proving me this tool."

- Greg Bosch