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How to Unlock a PDF File for Editing and Conversion?

A PDF (Portable Document Format) is an electronic replica of a printed document, used for viewing, navigating and transferring purposes. Many formats are built only for read-only purposes. We need to make various edits and comments on the documents. Or maybe we require to convert the PDF files into a different format like a Word document.

To edit the information for updating or correction, the document needs to be both read and write enabled- then only it can be edited. Else, the document needs to be converted into another format so the information can be edited. Therefore, this article is describing the different ways to unlock PDF for editing.

Reason Why we Unlock PDF Files

The PDF format can also get edited if unlocked. The reason behind the locked pdf file is that these days confidential information is secured either through private or public keys, password locks, encryption, secured frames. Also, limiting the access to data and authorizing who can and who cannot access the data. Similarly, the information in the pdf file tends to remain secure and cannot be edited without password removal or format change. Lock-on a pdf file increases the integrity of the contents of a pdf file.

Methods to Unlock PDF for Editing

1. For password removal

  • We can remove the security by going to permission details under the permission details. Save the document and the document is good to go.
  • Go to the menu bar, click 'open' under the file menu.
  • Search for the keyword "unlocked pdf" under the browse section.
  • Select the file unlocked PDF and click 'open'.
  • Select and re-type the text you wish to change the save as the document.

Conversion of PDF file

  • Conversion of .pdf extension to .doc file extension for smooth editing through conversion apps.
  • 'Add' the pdf in google drive and then 'open' it.
  • Go to the Print menu in google chrome itself and under change option type text you want to change.
  • Then click 'save as pdf' and then save it clicking the blue button.

Professional Way to Edit Password Protected PDF files

Other than trying the manual solution, you can also go for the automated solution to unlock PDF for editing. There are various other tools available in the market but you can go with the SysInfo’s PDF Unlocker tool. The utility has been designed and developed with the latest algorithms to efficiently remove the password from the PDF documents. It unlocks the PDF File without installing Adobe Acrobat. Also, it removes restrictions from PDF which is protected with owner and user passwords.

Bottom Lines

We have discussed the various ways to unlock PDF for editing. The methods include the manual solution as well as the automated tool. If the manual workaround doesn’t go with your expectation then you must go for the professional solution. Just follow the above procedure in detail. I hope it will help you out.

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