How to Save Email from Office 365 Webmail to Desktop?

Nowadays, various users are looking for a solution to save email from Office 365 webmail to desktop. There are a number of reasons to backup O365 emails locally due to a lack of storage problems in Office 365. Another reason is that your Office 365 subscription expires.

Therefore, in this technical guide, I will highlight several methods that will help you to export emails from Office 365 webmail immediately to a desktop. Along with that, I will discuss a reliable solution where you can directly save or download your Office 365 emails locally.

Easy Techniques to Save Multiple Emails From Office 365 Webmail to Desktop

In an upcoming section, I will discuss various ways to save data from Office 365. Also, I will export emails from Office 365 through HTML, PDF, and a third-party utility.

Download Office 365 Emails in HTML Format

Saving emails in HTML file format is one of the top-notch approaches. You just need to follow the steps which export mailbox items in HTML.

  • First, Open the folder of mailbox items that consist of emails.
  • After that, Click on the File tab > Save as option.
  • Click the destination path where you want to save your O365 emails.
  • Then, provide the name to the resultant file > Save as Type.
  • In the end, choose the option HTML > Save button.

Suppose you have several Office 365 emails and want to convert them into HTML files then you need to perform the above method repeatedly. From the above procedure, you will able to save email from office 365 webmail to desktop in HTML.

Backup Office 365 Emails to PDF Files

Usually, there is no direct method to save O365 emails as PDF files. First, you need to convert O365 emails into HTML files and then transfer them into PDF files. You just need to understand and follow the steps to clear all your doubts.

  • Just go through the above steps for downloading O365 emails in HTM Format.
  • Now, Open Microsoft Word > File > Open button.
  • After that, open the resultant file in HTML format > Save as option.
  • Moving ahead, select PDF as saving format > Save button.

In the end, your file will save in PDF format. Furthermore, the above procedures have some limitations. They are very time-consuming. Even there is a high chance of losing crucial data while saving Office 365 emails in other file formats.

In an upcoming section, I will go through the third-party utility. It will be beneficial for you to transfer O365 emails on a desktop using this utility.

How to Save Email From Office 365 Webmail to Desktop Through Third-party Utility

Sysinfo Office 365 backup tool is reliable software that will help users to export emails from Office 365 Webmail. Even if you want to save emails on a local drive, you can simply use this third-party utility. Users can opt for this even if they don’t have technical knowledge. There is 24/7 technical support available through which users can easily ask their queries. Furthermore, I will discuss the working of this utility to clear all your doubts.

Steps for Saving O365 Locally

  • Launch the tool > authenticate the Office 365 login process.
  • Now select the Mailbox option.
  • Here you can choose PDF or any other format as a saving format.
  • After that, you can go with the additional features as per your requirement.
  • In the end, define the path on the desktop and click on the Convert button.

All your emails from Office 365 Webmail will be saved to your desktop.

Final Words

I am here to finalize all the things that I have gone through in this technical guide. But moving further, I hope you have got sufficient knowledge from this guide. I discussed various procedures to save email from Office 365 webmail to desktop. You can go through with them and follow any of them where you feel easy to perform it.

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