How to Repair PPTX File Online for Free???

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Synopsis: This blog post explains the easy solutions to repair PPTX file online for free.
Many times, people face the problem of corrupted or damaged PPTX files. They are unable to open the presentation at the last moment and are left hopeless.
Let us discuss some of the ways to repair corrupt PPTX files for free

Methods to Repair PowerPoint PPTX File

Let us take a look at the free manual methods to repair corrupt PPT files on your own.

Solution 1: Open Presentation in PowerPoint Viewer

PPT viewer is a free tool by Microsoft to access PowerPoint files. With the help of this program, you can open the corrupt PowerPoint presentation in Windows.

  1. Double-click the PowerPoint viewer file to start the installer
  2. Select the default installation settings and follow the prompts
  3. Start PowerPoint Viewer from the Start menu after installing it
  4. Next, navigate through the corrupt PowerPoint presentation and open it in the Viewer

Solution 2: Move the PPT file to Another Location

  1. Open folder containing the presentation file in the Windows Explorer
  2. Now Copy the presentation to another storage media
  3. Create a new folder on the external drive and attempt to move the presentation into it
  4. Now open the copied file to a new location. Now try to run the file from the location where it is recently saved
  5. Next, check the original location for errors. If you are able to run the file from a new location, it implies that the original location was corrupt.

For Windows:

  • Open the Computer, click on My PC from the left pane> right-click the disk that is creating issues>
  • Select Properties>Tools tab> click on Check Now under Error Checking section.
  • Make sure to check both the options and then click on Start to repair PowerPoint (pptx) file.

For Mac:

  • Open Utility folder>open Disk Utility.
  • Try to open the disk that is creating a problem from the left pane and click on First-Aid.
  • Wait till the scan completes.

Solution 3: Open PowerPoint File in Safe Mode

You can attempt to open the corrupt pptx file in the Safe Mode. It will open in the working mode. Finally, you can edit and format the slides as per requirements. Follow the steps below to repair the corrupt PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Click on the Start menu
  2. Now type PowerPoint /safe in the search box > press Enter
  3. The PowerPoint will open with a new blank presentation
  4. Next, Ensure that ‘Safe Mode’ appears with the name of the file on it.
  5. Click on File menu > select Open. Open the pptx file and check if it opens in the Safe Mode

If this method doesn’t work for you, then you may be required to reinstall the application from a reliable resource.

Solution 4: Import slides of corrupt PPTX file to new file

You can try this method to repair pptx file online for free. Just follow the below-given steps

  1. When the PowerPoint prompts to open the type of file you want to upload or create, select the Blank Presentation option
  2. Now click on New Slide button available under the Home tab
  3. Click on the Reuse Slides option located at the bottom of the menu and a sidebar will appear on the right pane
  4. Click on the Browse button, and then select Browse Files and the file browser window will appear
  5. Select the corrupt pptx file by navigating to the location where the file is saved. Highlight and then click on Open button
  6. Next, right click on any slide in the preview and then select Reuse All option
  7. Check the imported slides by running the presentation and accessing all the slides one-by-one

Solution 5: Open the damaged presentation as a Theme template

If the above method of importing slides doesn’t work, then you can try opening the file by following method

  1. Click on the File menu or the Office button. Click on Save As to save the file using a new name
  2. Save the file with a different name as that of the original or backup file
  3. Click on the Design tab, click more under the Themes section and then click on the Browse for Themes.
  4. Select the damaged pptx file and then click on OK.
    This will load the Slide master and restore the theme.
  5. If it stops in between, switch back to the backup copy and then of the recovered presentation

Once the slides are imported successfully, save the newly imported presentation and make sure no errors messages appear while you attempt to save and access it. After this, you can save the new presentation with a different name and different location on the storage media or drive.

To Sum Up

I have tried to explain the solutions to repair pptx file online for free. If you find these methods not helpful and difficult to implement, then you can download the Professional PPTX Recovery Tool by SysInfoTools and repair pptx files easily.

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