How to Remove MS Word Password Without Software?

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MS Word is a word processor program introduced by Microsoft. MS Word provides the features of a password-protected word document. But sometimes, users may forget, misplaced, or not remember the MS word document password. So, the question arises how to remove password in MS Word? or how to unlock the Microsoft word document?

MS Word allows users to type, save documents, make a professional quality document, letter, report, and store sensitive information.

Then there is only one situation to access the Word document by removing the password. Here, I am describing the different ways by which users can easily remove the word password without any software.

Methods to Remove MS Word Password

If you have forgotten the password, you have to find ways to remove the password. Removing the Word document password is one of the ideal methods to access the word document. Follow the different solutions to unlock the MS Word.

Solution 1: Unlock the MS Word Password Protected Document by Modifying the Details

Users have to modify some details of the MS Word document to crack the password-protected document. Here are the steps to do that:

  • Open the MS Word document.
  • Then, Click File>>Save As option, select the file type to Word as XML Document (*.xml), and close the Word.
  • Now, open the newly saved XML Document using a text editor like WordPad, NotePad, or other text editor programs.
  • Click the Ctrl+F option to Find the dialogue box.
  • Here, search in the text field (enforcement).
  • You will find, w:enforcement="1" or w:enforcement=on
  • To unlock the Word document, change "1" with "0" and "on" with "off" to disable enforcement.
  • Save and close XML documents.
  • Now open the saved XML document with MS Word.
  • After opening it, click on the File>>Save As option, select Word Document (*.docx).
  • Click Save, the password-protected Word document will unlock.

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Solution 2: Unlock the MS Word Password Protected Document by VBA Code.

Users can use this method to crack the protected MS Word document, whose password is not longer than three characters using VBA code.

Note: This method is applied when the password is within the three characters. If not, the VBA code will not respond.
  • Create a new Word document. And Open it.
  • Press "Alt+F11" to open the Microsoft Visual Basic Applications.
  • Click Insert>>Module.
  • Enter the code in the Module. Sub test()
    Dim i As Long
    i = 0
    Dim FileName As String
    FileName = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogOpen).SelectedItems(1)
    ScreenUpdating = False
    Line2: On Error GoTo Line1
    Documents.Open FileName, , True, , i & ""
    MsgBox "Password is " & i
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True
    Exit Sub
    Line1: i = i + 1
    Resume Line2
    ScreenUpdating = True
    End Sub
  • Click F5 to run the code.
  • Now select the locked MS Word file and Open it on File Explorer.
  • After some time, the password-protected document will open. And the password will appear on the screen.

After applying the above-defined steps, users can unlock the password-protected word document.

Limitations of the Above Methods

  • The VBA code works when the password is no longer than three characters.
  • Modify the detail methods work. Only when there is no opening password document.
  • The methods are Bit complicated.
  • Chances of MS Word document data loss

These are some vulnerabilities of the above-defined methods. To avoid these reasons and solve the query of how to remove password in Word. You have to use a third-party tool.

Solution 3: Unlock the MS Word Password Protected Document using Third-Party Tool

The above solutions may be for unlocking the password-protected MS word document and solve the answer to the question of how to remove password in Word. But the fact is they carry some complexity and limitations.

To avoid these, here I am going to suggest the VBA Password Recovery tool , which is an ideal solution to unlock the MS word password-protected document. The software offers different features like reliability, efficiency, and software that decrypts the MS Word password and saves them into a text file. Support password recovery of any length and complexity.


As we know, MS Word is a word processing program developed by Microsoft. Moreover, we know that users can protect MS Word by a password. Additionally, I have given the solutions that can help to remove passwords from word documents. Then we know about the limitations of the solution. Furthermore, we discussed the tool, which provides the complete solution to remove the vulnerabilities. And how its multiple features solve the query of how to remove password in word.

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