How to Import PST to Gmail Account?

Gmail is one of the widely used email clients used worldwide. Gmail is present to almost everyone for email registration or various purposes. But if we turn one year back then we can see that Outlook has that trend but now everybody is shifting to Gmail. So here in this writeup, we will focus on how to import PST to Gmail account. And also why we are required to migrate from PST to Gmail.

In this technology era, Email is an authentic way of communication and data sharing. Gmail and Outlook both are the most used and popular email clients. The PST File is an Outlook data file that is created by an MS Outlook on the System. The PST files store crucial data of your mailbox like emails, messages, attachments, and other outlook items. So it is important to convert PST File to Gmail safely and securely. So let’s start with understanding the reason to export the PST file to Gmail.

Why do we need to Import PST to Gmail?

We need to move PST to Gmail because leverages with several benefits that are discussed below:-

  • Gmail has large storage that helps you to store crucial emails for free.
  • Generally Gmail enables its users to use various apps with a single Gmail ID.
  • Gmail gives you a chat messenger that is used to chat using its amazing stickers.
  • Easy to handle and free of cost.
  • This can be accessed through any device independent of time and place. No matter if it is Android or an Iphone, Windows Office Suite, or Mac OS.
  • Gmail is free and easy to use as compared to other email clients.

After we discussed the various reasons to convert PST File to Gmail, now move further towards methods that help in moving PST files into Gmail.

Topmost Methods to Import PST to Gmail Account:

There are two methods to import PST Files to Gmail i.e,

  • Manual Method
  • Automated Method

Manual Method to import PST file to Gmail:

Manual methods involve two steps:

  • Step 1: Modify your Gmail Account settings
  • Step 2: Configure Gmail in Account

Step1: Modify your Gmail Account Settings:

  • Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Press on the gear on the top-right.
  • Now, press on Settings.
  • Go to Settings, Press on Forwarding, and POP/IMAP tab.
  • Go to the IMAP Access section, Enable IMAP.
  • Press on Save changes
  • View URL – Choose for Turn On the option for less secure apps.

After performing the first steps successfully move towards the second steps to convert PST to Gmail.

Step 2: Configure Gmail in Outlook :

Let’s configure Gmail in Outlook, If you are using office 365 launch your Outlook and perform the following steps:

  • Go to File >> press on Add Account.
  • Provide the Email ID and press on connect.
  • Put the password and press on Connect again.
  • Outlook will give you notice about the successful configuration of your Gmail account. Tap on Done to complete the configuration.
  • And finally, you configured your account successfully.

The manual method can be used to import PST to Gmail. But you have to face its limitations too.

Consequences of Manual Solution:

  • Time-consuming and Lengthy process.
  • Users must have technical knowledge and office 365 available on your system.
  • In some cases, you may face data loss and data alteration.

So, it is suggested by IT professionals to use an automated solution. As automated solutions prevent the consequences of manual solutions.

Automated Solutions:

The automated solution involves the use of third party solutions or commercial software. Numerous software is available in the market that will transfer PST to Gmail. One such tool is PST to Gmail Converter . This is one of the best PST Migration tools that export PST to Gmail safely and reliably. This tool also allows you to convert PST Outlook in various file formats such as MBOX, PDF, HTML, EML, etc. Users of any background can execute this tool due to its simple and easy to use GUI.

Final Verdicts:

Here we discussed various methods to import PST to Gmail Account. The manual method has some limitations and automated methods to prevent all the limitations of the manual solution. Try to solve your issue with the manual solution and if you fail in that then opt for the automated solution.

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