Free Methods to Import EMLX files into Gmail Online

Are you looking for solutions to import EMLX files into Gmail? Then, this article will state you all the possible ways through which one can migrate the EMLX files into the Gmail client. One of the main reasons due to which an individual might migrate to another mail client is when he/she is unable to access EMLX files. Secondly, the user might feel the urge to move to another mail client due to job switching and unfamiliar mail client. Generally, users opt for a mail client that is offering more advanced features with extra information. In this situation, Gmail is the best mail client, one might take off in terms of familiarity. To understand more about the two keywords, let’s take a look at what they specify.

EMLX is a single mail file format that helps in storing and transporting email messages. Apple Mail also is known as Mac Mail is an email client embedded in Mac OS.

Gmail is a cloud-based application that is designed with many attractive features such as storage space, all-time accessibility, Google Drive, etc.

Moving towards the reasons, that might make an individual switch from EMLX files to Gmail platform.

Possible Reasons Behind Importing EMLX files into Gmail

Some of the reasons that influence the users to migrate their EMLX files into Gmail client are-

  • Gmail is known as a faithful and reliable email service provider.
  • Users can approach it from any time and anywhere.
  • It can easily use as free of cost.
  • Gmail also offers an upgrade facility such as G-Suite
  • It can operate on any device or gadget.

These reasons are self-sufficient enough to attract a large number of users towards Gmail.

Best Way to Import EMLX Files into Gmail

As there are no manual ways through which one can import Apple mail .emlx files to Gmail. Therefore, an individual can use an alternative or third-party solution that will help perform the conversion process easily. One such third-party solution is EMLX to Gmail Converter. The utility claims conversions of the EMLX file(s) into various file formats, import EMLX files into various webmail clients, runs smoothly on all versions of Windows OS, etc. Some of the attractive key features of the EMLX Converter are mentioned below-


  • Permits the users to save the EMLX files extension into MBOX, PST, PDF, TXT, HTML, MHT, and other formats.
  • Moves the EMLX files into Gmail, Outlook, IMAP, Yahoo, etc. mail clients.
  • Allows bulk conversion of EMLX files at the same time.
  • Provides a safe and secure file conversion and maintains all hierarchy of the mailbox structure intact.
  • The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS generated EMLX files.

Why do We Need an EMLX to Gmail Converter?

The EMLX Converter can convert an email message into MBOX, PST, PDF, HTML, MHT, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, IMAP, and MSG file format. It is an incredible software built with a user-friendly interface. The utility can further transport the EMLX emails into other formats along with their attachments. Also, the utility maintains data integrity throughout the conversion process.

Steps to import .emlx files to Gmail using EMLX Converter

One can use the EMLX Converter to execute the migration process smoothly. This software is very quick in converting the EMLX files into other email clients.

  1. First, Add EMLX files in the software from your local system.
  2. screenshot
  3. Then, browse the destination path to store the output files.
  4. screenshot
  5. After that, choose the Output file format as Gmail and then tap the Save button.
  6. screenshot
  7. Now enter your gmail credential and click on login button.
  8. screenshot
  9. Wait until the saving process gets completed.
  10. screenshot
  11. Now close the application and check your gmail for resultant output.
  12. screenshot

From the above-mentioned steps, you can easily move all the EMLX files to Gmail successfully.


In the above blog, we have discussed the reasons and appropriate ways to import EMLX files into Gmail. As we all know that there is no manual method stated for the conversion process, so the users can opt for the alternative method instead. Using manual methods, a slight mistake can put individual data at high risk. To avoid such situations, it is recommended for the novice user to always opt for an expert verified technique as they do not require any prior technical experience to utilize the utility.

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