How to Delete Digital Signature from PDF Document?

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As we all know, PDF (Portable Document Format) is primarily known for its security purpose. You can impose the password-protection on PDF documents so that only the authorized person could use or view it. But not only permission restricts users to make any alterations, but also the digital signature would make signed PDF files not editable. So, here in this article, I will be explaining how to remove a digital signature from PDF Documents. So, here we go.

About PDF's Digital Signatures

A Digital Signature in PDF is like a typical handwritten signature, identifies a user signing a file or document. It is quite difficult to forge a digital signature as it contains encrypted information. In addition, it comprises the password and stored in your system as PKCS #12 file format which is also known as PFX format ( Personal Exchange Information File). In this blog, we will discuss the need to remove the digital signature and the manual techniques which helps to delete a signature from pdf document.

What forces users to Remove Digital Signature from PDF?

There are several reasons that might force users to delete digital signatures. Also, there are some scenarios like:

” I have forgotten my digital signature password and I am a novice user. I need to access my PDF documents. Is there any solution that can delete digital signature from PDF file?

” I am working in the corporate sector and I need to send PDF files to my colleagues but the PDF document contains the digital signature and I don’t remember its password. Kindly suggest some way which can erase signature on PDF?.“

Best Ways to Delete Digital Signature from PDF Document

Method: #1

If the PDF file is created in Adobe Acrobat containing all the required passwords. And, if you want to remove signature on PDF document then it can be easily accomplished by using the Delete option. For this, you must have a Digital ID for signing. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to perform the deletion:

  • First of all, open the PDF document.
  • After that, go to Tools and click on content.
  • Then you have to select the Object.
  • Now, click on the Signature field and click the Delete Key.

Method: #2

Firstly, you need to look into whether the digital signature is applied when the PDF file was created. And if the digital signature is applied when a file is created then the user is required to find the signature field and delete the value. Secondly, if a digital signature is added after the creation of a PDF file, then you should move back to the previous version of the PDF document in order to clear the digital signature PDF.

If a PDF document comprises more than one signature then you would be able to remove the most recent signature. So that other available signature won’t affect by this. In order to remove the most recent digital signature, you need to revert back to the version before this recent signature is applied. If you desire to erase the older signature then you are required to delete all counter signatures that were applied later on.

Bottom Lines

We all know that PDF files are highly secure and it is considered as the safest place which can store all your information, images and files. In PDF file we can add digital signatures and watermarks for security reasons. But sometimes we need to remove digital signature from PDF documents. So, this article explains the different approaches that can be used to delete the digital signature from PDF documents. I hope it helps you out.

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