How to Batch Convert Emails From Eudora to PDF Files?

Eudora is an active email client, that is accessible by both Mac and Windows and it is famous for quick search results. It supports POP3 and IMAP. The best feature of this email client is that it allows users to secure information via a password and a digital signature. Making sure that the information sent remains confidential until it reaches the other end. PDF is a Portable Document Format, which also includes content like links, buttons and form fields. Similarly, PDF contains the password protection feature which makes the conversion end-to-end encrypted. PDF is also used to convert MS Word Docs, Excel Spreadsheets and Powerpoint PPT’S. Here, we are going to show how to convert emails from Eudora to PDF files.

Reasons to Use PDF Over Eudora

  • Both Eudora and PDF have inbuilt security that will make the conversion safely successful without any fear of data leak.
  • It can prove to be an easily accessed backup for Eudora.
  • Eudora’s mailbox was not supported by any character encoding. So, that’s why users prefer to convert Eudora emails to PDF format.
  • By conversion, data can be easily shared with multiple email clients.

How to Export Emails from Eudora to PDF

Here, I will be explaining the two different methods to convert Eudora files into PDF format. You can select and try any of these methods as per your needs.

#1 Manually Export Emails from Eudora to PDF

  1. First of all, open ‘Eudora’ on your system.
  2. Then, select the text message you want to convert.
  3. After that, go to the ‘File’ menu and click on the ‘Print’ option.
  4. Select ‘Print to a file’ or ‘Print one’ option in the Print category.
  5. Next, save the file in.PDF extension.
  6. Repeat the steps, each time you wish to convert emails from Eudora to PDF.

Limitations of Manual Conversion method

  • Can convert up to 10-20 emails at a time. More than that is somehow not affordable with this method and can be time-consuming.
  • Attached files cannot be saved as embedded attachments

#2 Convert Eudora Emails to PDF with Attachments

There are plenty of solutions available online by which you can easily convert Eudora emails to PDF. But, it may happen that you lose your email data, header information, images, and email formatting disrupt. The most important fact is while converting Eudora emails to PDF format, it does NOT convert PDF with attachments.

So, in order to export Eudora mailbox to PDF format, it is recommended to choose the most trustworthy solution i.e, SysInfoTools Eudora to PDF Converter to save Eudora emails to PDF format. It is one of the best solutions for you to save Eudora mails to Adobe PDF format without any data loss. The utility offers various features that enable the user to convert Eudora to PDF with attachments at a single go.


Eudora is less compatible with Microsoft Office. The need we are reliable on PDF that it is more organized, compatible, entirely secured and can work with many formats. If the above method does not prove useful to convert emails from Eudora to PDF then one such tool is highly advisable for Eudora to PDF conversions.

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