How to Convert EML Files to PDF Format?

Summary: This article contains information regarding how to batch convert EML files into PDF format. As both the file formats differ from each other on the basics of different email clients suite and sometimes the user needs to convert EML file format into a PDF file format. So to perform this conversion, go through this post. But firstly let’s grab some knowledge about the EML files and the PDF file format.

EML Format

EML file format is used by Outlook Express and many other email clients like Thunderbird, Mozilla, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc to store a single email message at a time. It treats every email message as a separate file. The EML file is a combination of plain ASCII text and other attachments and hyperlinks are stored in the main body of these files.

PDF Format

PDF aka Portable Document Format is a file document which is used to store any number of fonts and images of any length. This format is developed by Adobe and especially used to create e-books etc. The PDF files are often used to present and interchange documents and are independent of any hardware, software or any operating system.

Need to convert EML to PDF online?

By looking at the above-given scenario one thing is completely understood that both the formats are far different from each other. One is used to store email messages and the other is storing a document or file. So if the user wants to migrate from EML file format to PDF file format then he/she must need to understand the process of EML to PDF conversion. And being a tech-savvy person I know that it is not an easy task to do. Now let’s discuss the various reasons for this conversion.

  • You can save a number of EML files at one place as a backup in PDF document.
  • The EML files are more secure in a PDF document which can be viewed without any problem and the unauthorized user can not access the PDF data.
  • By doing this conversion you will get the entire emails along with the other attachments in a single document.

How you can convert EML file to PDF manually

Using MS Outlook in-built utility:

MS Outlook allows the user to use the in-built utility function to convert EML to PDF format. For this, you must have the MS Outlook installed in your computer.
Follow the below mentioned steps for EML to PDF conversion:

  • Open the MS Outlook application and then select any random EML email file which you want to convert as a PDF format.
  • Here, go to the file menu option and select save as tag.
  • Now choose the HTML format to save the file at any desired location on your machine.
  • Select save as by going to the Office button.
  • At last, select the PDF format to save the EML file.

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Drawbacks of using the manual method:

The above-mentioned trick is easy to use in order to convert EML to PDF but still, there might be certain issues which will arise during the EML to PDF conversion process. Therefore take a look over some of the problems regarding the manual method.

  • This manual method will not change EML emails to PDF if you want to transfer other attachments also. It means you can’t opt this solution if you want to transfer all EML files to PDF along with attachments.
  • If you want to convert one or more than one EML file to PDF format then you can choose this manual method. But, if you want to covert more files than you have to repeat the whole procedure again and again which is too difficult to do.
  • The data loss problem can also occur during using this method and the chances of some changes in the formatting of the EML emails.
  • This process is a very time-consuming trick as a large number of database needs to be converted through this procedure. It also requires more efforts and energy while executing EML to PDF conversion.
Bottom line:

So in this handset, I have discussed all the free and easy methods to convert EML into PDF. Also, I have discussed all the pros and cons of the manual method which you should keep in mind before opting any method. But there is a solution to every problem in order to get rid of such issue, you can go for the easiest, flexible, and reliable trick by opting SysInfoTools EML Converter tool that will allow doing unlimited EML to PDF conversions at the same time with no restrictions. So get the software from the authorized website of SysInfoTools and start converting your EML files to PDF within no time.

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